Green School of Thought by Mona Verma

I do not say that schools have stopped providing green play area but it is shrinking especially in case of smaller players and Educational Groups. It will be incorrect to state that the norms regarding setting up of school and providing green cover is completely neglected but the scope of manipulations cannot be ruled out. Says Mona Verma.

By Mona Verma

Whenever I see a green patch of land, I fall into reverie of my childhood days, when I along with my friends used to run and play under the sun, smell the fragrance of wet soil and breathe fresh air. The thought is simply touching and I am certain none of us are exception to it. Whenever I go back to my school days, I inevitably think of the lush green ground at the first place.

Mona VermaWith passage of time, the education trends across the globe have witnessed a sea change and especially in developing countries like India where education has become the epicenter and tops the priority list of well-educated, literate and illiterate alike. The dynamics of Education across the world and India in particular has changed significantly and from Education Sector it has evolved and emerged as Education Industry as a whole.

Education offered, of late, is not simply a noble duty of Educationists, but has become a lucrative proposition for Big Business Groups, Corporate Houses and High Net worth Individuals or Families. And with advent of different set of players’ altogether, the dimensions and outlook towards the Education System has and is undergoing paradigm shift. The quality of education, values instilled by teachers is slowly getting if not replaced, overshadowed by emphasis on infrastructure and state-of-the-art facilities.

With a commercial perspective in vogue and involvement of business groups, schools are not merely haven for education, but are emerging as brands, established chains, standalone and evolving. The entire inclination towards entering this field of lucrative business has increased the number of schools manifolds and hence the options and expectations of the parents in an unusual manner. In order to survive and thrive in the field of education, every Educational Group and individual attempts its level best to provide the best of the services in all respects.

However, with number of players getting added in this sector, some major imminent problems have already started occurring and the main concern is land which has become a scarce resource. Though this issue has not affected the enthusiasm of individuals/groups from setting up of a school, but a major area of compromise has started seeping in. Honestly speaking, in today’s scenario, it is not only the quality of education that plays a major role but also the number of students in the school that not only determines the success of the school  but also the revenue generated from commercial point of view, quintessential to survive amidst ever-growing competition.

It is becoming evident that now the upcoming schools, especially those with just adequate land to start a school are focusing more on building maximum number of classrooms or in other words are determined to have maximum covered area with least scope of play area. The play area is showed to satisfy the norms of the land and parents and hence there is increased focus on range of indoor games. I do not say that schools have stopped providing green play area but it is shrinking especially in case of smaller players and Educational Groups. It will be incorrect to state that the norms regarding setting up of school and providing green cover is completely neglected but the scope of manipulations cannot be ruled out.

The situation is no different at residences where at majority of places, green patch of land is a distant dream. With better living conditions and luxuries turning into necessities, our young generation is somewhat drifting away from the greener side of the life. How many of them have actually experienced how does it feel to play in the wet soil, the warm rays from sunshine, the rain drops during monsoon, breeze blowing through the bushes and trees and many enthralling experiences.

I have a simple question for all the Educational Groups, Educationists and readers of this column. Are we not doing injustice to the young generation at the time when there is much hue and cry about phenomenon of Global Warming, threats to environment and their awareness in majority of cases is simply confined to theoretical aspects and Environmental Examination syllabus? The immunity level and adequate supply particularly of Vitamin D in the younger generation has reduced almost to zilch.

I request all of you to take a wise step not for the sake of it but as an important responsibility towards the younger generation for their better and greener future. The exposure to green area not only provides exposure and an opportunity to move near the nature but also to come closer to the counterparts majority of who have or have been made to confine themselves to computer games, play stations and many such games. I wish to share a few lines which are statements of concern by young hearts specially those who are living in urban areas:

Over all these years I have grown from a child to a teen,

My father repeatedly asks me to hit the gym to remain fit and lean.

I really sometimes feel that he does not care much for me and is quite mean,

But poor he, what will he do when there is hardly any green patch around and I satisfy my urge to see the greenery by eating green bean.

Will we remain silent and not do anything for providing a natural setting all fresh and clean.

My eyes have got accustomed to high rise buildings and broad roads but greenery is yet to be felt and seen………………

( Ms. Mona Verma is the Professional and Education Thinker)

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