Great Sport Infra brings eco awareness among all the sports associations

Photo: India CSR Network

BENGALURU: Chinnaswamy stadium, one of the finest & eco-friendly stadiums in the world is all set to go green. The stadium mainly known for its vacuum drainage and sub-surface aeration technology, SubAir (the first stadium in the world to adopt this technology), showcased its green initiatives on energy, water, sanitization, turf management & drainage.

The Chinnaswamy stadium hosted a meet among 45 sporting associations from across the country to showcase its accomplishment as India’s first eco-stadium.

The sporting association attendees acknowledged their social responsibility to environmental sustainability and created a means for subair system – an unprecedented cross-sector environmental collaboration in the field of professional sports.

Great Sports Infra, who have provided cutting edge technology solutions to Chinnaswamy Stadium presented and showcased their SubAir vacuum drainage & sub-surface aeration system (that drains water 36 times faster than gravity), in live scenario to the sporting associations.

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