Giving social, economic and emotional security to elderly people is our collective responsibility, Says Rusen Kumar

Rusen Kumar addressed 18th All India Senior Citizens’ Conference held in Hyderabad

Conference Chairman RN Mital felicitating Rusen Kumar

HYDERABAD: Rusen Kumar, a social entrepreneur and CSR think tank, addressed 18th All India Senior Citizens Conference themed ‘Social Security of Senior Citizens’ held in Hyderabad during November 29-30, 2018 organized All India Senior Citizens’ Confederation (AISCCON) hosted by Association of Senior Citizen of Hyderabad in the leadership of RN Mital, Chairman of conference.

Around 2000 senior citizens from various states of India participated in this annual forum making it one of the largest gathering.

Talk of Rusen Kumar was focused on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and welfare and care of elderly people. He said that giving social, economic, emotional security and dignity to elderly people is collective responsibility of the enabled and awakened society.

He said that CSR contributions recently made by Indian business houses should be ploughed towards care of elderly people are very less and almost negligible. The issues related to care of elderly people is relatively new for business community but it is getting momentum among CSR leaders and professionals.

He suggested that organizations working for the welfare of the old age people should adopt problem solving attitude while approaching CSR foundation to attract CSR projects and must have detailed project report of planning, phased manner execution, monitoring, impact and evaluation. India needs better social infrastructure to deal with.

Rusen Kumar, founder of India CSR Network, a largest CSR media company, emphasized that there is an urgent need of spreading awareness on contemporary issues and problems being faced by elderly people. Special sensitization programme among youth population is required.

He suggested that greater awareness creation of Senior Citizen Act, 2007; national toll free number, multipurpose elderly care centres in districts across the nation, weekly program on DD national channels and FM radios can help a lot in sensitizing and making aware the mass.

According to the Census 2011 there were an estimated 10.5 crore elderly in India, making it second largest aged pollution in the world, and by 2050 the figure is expected to reach 32.4 crore. India spends 0.032% of GDP on the welfare of the elderly population. Recent Governments have launched various welfare schemes for the senior citizens.

Conference was inaugurated by the Vice President of India, Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu who said that India traditionally enjoyed a robust joint family system and the fast changing socio-economic conditions were leading to its disintegration. He expressed concern over the neglect and abuse of elderly people across the country. He also urged the companies to expand their CSR activities by including elders’ issues.

RN Mital, chairman of the conference said to India CSR Network, “The objective of the conference is to unite senior citizens and to make them aware of their Human Rights.”

D N Chapke, president of AISCCON informed that organization is the largest body of senior citizens with a membership of around 15 lakhs and works towards improving the welfare of senior citizens.

Dr. K.R. Gangadharan and Hanumatha Rao chaired the session ‘CSR and Elder Care’. Session includes esteemed speakers – RN Mital Chairman AISCCON News Council (Indifference towards elder-friendly causes), M. K. Raina (Role of local government & local Bodies), D. Narula (Problems of elders which can be solved by CSR), Manoharlal Baharani (CSR and Corporate Houses).

The two days program featured five technical sessions with learned speakers highlighted the multiple challenges of senior citizens. Speakers also shared their experiences of ongoing elderly care programmes. Social security, dignity and the concerns of the said issues deeply deliberated during the sessions.