CSR : Vedanta constructs Rainwater Harvesting partnership with the Amarjyoti Farmers’ Club in Jharsuguda


JHARSUGUDA: On 31st July, the inauguration ceremony of a new percolation tank (rain water harvesting structure) constructed by Vedanta Ltd., Jharsuguda in partnership with the Amarjyoti Farmers’ Club, was held at Siriapali village.

Created under the aegis of Vedanta’s CSR project, Jeevika Samridhi, in the land contributed by Siriapali resident Arjun Dhurua, the 25m x 30m x 3.52m percolation tank will help augment irrigation potential, improve agricultural production and support more than 10 farmers, who will now be able to irrigate their land round the year.

The event was graced by GG Pal, Head – Smelter 2, Sundar Raj, Head – CSR, Vedanta Ltd., Jharusguda, Shakti Prasanna Mohapatra, DDM – NABARD, Sushil Kumar Das, Secretary – SEWA, and Jayakrushna Patel, President – Amarjyoti Farmers’ Club.

The dignitaries inaugurated the structure amidst an audience that comprised Siriapali villagers, representatives of SEWA and NABARD, and employees of Vedanta Ltd., Jharsuguda. Post inauguration, the percolation tank was officially handed over to Amarjyoti Farmers Club for maintenance and use. On the occasion, Siriapali villagers and Vedanta employees came together to plant saplings on the bund of the tank and lay turf grass on its embankment.

GG Pal appreciated the efforts of the villagers in creating the percolation tank, especially that of Arjun Dhurua, who gave his land for making the tank. SP Mohapatra said, “Rain water harvesting is the need of the hour, considering how farmers are suffering due to climate change and water shortage. I am thankful to Vedanta for their support & cooperation, working together with us on projects like this.”

Das deliberated on the merits of the project and said, “Vedanta’s Jeevika Samridhi project has the potential to go a long way towards aiding farmers get higher economic returns by enriching their knowledge on advanced agricultural practices, helping them create irrigation infrastructure, and so on.” Jayakrushna Patel thanked Vedanta CSR for their efforts in creating the percolation tank and added that it will help many farmers in that area.

Jeevika Samridhi is the farm-based livelihood project conceptualized by Vedanta and NABARD, considering the constraints and potential in the field of agriculture at Jharsuguda. Jeevika Samridhi promotes sustainable livelihoods for the farming households through intervention in agriculture and allied activities, currently implemented on a pilot basis partnering 100 farmers of Siriapali.

The relevance of Jeevika Samriddhi project is based on the need to augment irrigation infrastructure, promote advanced agriculture, application of bio-fertilizer and pesticides, and make farming a remunerative profession. The project has adopted a two pronged approach to upscale the livelihoods of farming communities through land & water development and promotion of advanced agriculture practices.

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