CSR : Covestro inaugurates Brighter World Lab in Airoli


MUMBAI: Covestro, the global manufacturer of high-performance polymer materials, inaugurated the Brighter World Lab in Airoli on Wednesday, 31st October, which is the first out of their 20 other labs planned to be opened across India. This is an addition to the success of 10 labs already opened in 2017.

During this festive season, Covestro (India) aims to give one more reason to celebrate as they look forward to providing access to quality education and learning for students from the underprivileged section of the society.

It will also cater to teachers who will be trained to teach science and mathematics in a more effective and interesting way with Orientation Programs, Jugaad Workshops (developing science models by using waste/ low-cost material) and Interactive Maths Sessions using Vedic and UCMAS methodology. This year Covestro is collaborating with Arch Foundation to setup these 20 labs in India.

While highlighting the importance of science and research that are the foundation pillars of economic and social growth of a country, Ajay Durrani, Managing Director, Covestro (India) said, “Science is the key in finding sustainable solutions in every industry for various economic and social challenges faced by the world. Hence, our aim is to ignite scientific interest in children so they can learn through discovery and connect scientific knowledge of textbook to their world. We at Covestro work towards developing modern age sustainable solutions and this initiative will not only help build careers of children but also help India to make its mark in research and innovation across the world.”

Sonkee Shah, CEO, Arch Development Foundation while mentioning the value of quality education said, “Through this partnership we want to create a scientific revolution in India. Here we will be closely working with every child and mapping their individual progress. We at Arch Development Foundation work towards creating sustainable projects which enriches the world. With Brighter World Lab, we wish to reach out to the whole nation and provide quality education to the children.”

The Brighter World Lab will also provide students and teachers with a platform to exhibit and execute learning through customized modules such as such fairs, science quizzes, chemical and physics DIY activities, debate competitions etc. Covestro will also look at partnering with various other stakeholders to sustain the project.

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