CSR : 11 water ATMs have so far been established by Maruti Suzuki in Haryana

Clean drinking water at 35 paisa/litre for community. Panchayat provides land, electricity for Water ATM. 10-stage UV filtration technology ensures water meets WHO standards, retains essential minerals


MANESAR: 11 water ATMs have so far been established by Maruti Suzuki in Haryana under this model since 2016, company informed.

“These are located in the villages adopted by Maruti Suzuki in the state. These Water ATMs have seen over 8,700 registrations till now and have dispensed around 5.5 lakh litres of clean drinking water, so far.”, company said.

The Company inaugurated its’ 2nd water ATM in the Kasan village of Manesar. The water ATM was presented to the community by Lt. Gen. Dushyant Singh Chauhan, Senior Advisor (Vigilance), Maruti Suzuki in the presence of village panchayat and community elders.

It bears the initial cost of the water ATM, the panchayat provides the land and the electricity to operate the facility while WaterLife India sets up, operates and maintains the plant for at least 10 years. This partnership ensures that villagers can access clean drinking water, meeting WHO and ISO 10500 standards, at 35 paisa/litre.

Clean drinking water being a critical need identified in its adopted villages in Haryana and it has designed a self-sustaining partnership model that provides clean drinking water to villagers at an affordable price.

Community Development is one of the three important pillars of Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives– the other two being in the areas of road safety and skill development.

With the objective to bring about an overall improvement in the quality of life of people residing around its manufacturing facilities, Maruti has adopted 26 villages around its facilities in Gujarat and Haryana. Ensuring direct supervision and control, Maruti Suzuki’s interventions under community development, are results-oriented and concentrated in the areas of providing clean water, better sanitation facilities, improved educational infrastructure and development of common community assets, Company informed.

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