Contribution of UPL Limited in Swachh Bharat, Building toilets in Schools

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MUMBAI: According to the Annual Status of Education Report, 2014 (ASER), 45% of Indian schools do not have access to a toilet or there are toilets that students cannot use and, so, must urinate or defecate in the open in or near schools. Various report says that at middle and high schools, there is a correlation between the lack of toilets and drop-out rates.

Study by a national NGO revealed that in over 60% of the schools surveyed, students avoid using the school toilets. The main reason for this is lack of hygiene or (in the case of girls) privacy.

On 15th August 2014, Prime Minister, Narendra Bhai Modi announced the Swacch Vidyalaya Abhiyan, the Clean Schools Movement to build separate toilets for 137.7 million boys and girls at schools nationwide. In response to Hon’ble Prime Minister’s clarion call for a clean India under the ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan’, UPL Limited has decided to take cause of school toilet.

The Toilet block at Paria Prathmikshala was inaugurated by Mrs. Sandra Shroff, Vice Chairman, UPL Limited on 2 December 2015
The Toilet block at Paria Prathmikshala was inaugurated by Mrs. Sandra Shroff, Vice Chairman, UPL Limited on 2 December 2015

UPL Limited has a goal to facilitate healthy and hygienic behavior in students by construction of good quality and environment friendly toilets in school and has objectives to provide access to toilet facility and empower students to use the services hygienically and sustainably, to Increase access to and hygienic use of sanitation facility and to educate community by making school toilet block as hub for good sanitation practice in community.

Project deliverables

  1. Construction of best quality hygienic toilet in school (Separate for Girls and boys).
  2. All toilet connected with bio gas pit and Gas to be used in School Science lab / Aaganwadi and waste water from bio gas pit to be used for school greening.
  3. To integrate software activity like puppet show, Paint for a cause etc. to ensure ownership with students and teachers.
  4. Hygienic behaviour goes back to house, society and village.

Construction of Toilets

Location School/College/Public Place
Construction completed in 9 schools
VAPI, District Valsad. Gujarat Paria Prathmikshala, Paria Mukhyashala, Sarondhi Mukhyashala, Kherlav Mukhyashala, Nanawaghchipa Mukhyashala, Umarsadi Mukhyashala, Namdha Sport Complex, Vapi Railway Station
District Samba, J&K Govt Higher Sec School, Vijaypur
Construction in progress in 8 Schools)
VAPI, District Valsad. Gujarat Vatar Mukhyashala, Balitha Mukhyashala, Goima Prathmikshala, Rohina Kendrashala, Tarmalia Prathmikshala, Dungra High School, Khuntej Mukhyashala
District Samba, J&K Govt Higher Sec School, Ramgarh
Work to be started after Monsoon in 5 Schools
VAPI, District Valsad. Gujarat Vapi Nagarpalika School, Amli Highschool
Ankleshwar, District Bharuch, Gujarat Kharchi Prathmikshala, Nava Kasia Prathmikshala
HALOL, District – Panchmahal, Gujarat Gopipura Mukhyashala

Awareness Programme

  • Organised 10 Kathputli Natak for school children and rural community. A total of 1071 school student attended said programme.
  • Interactive session on sanitation for school children. A total of 400 hundred student from three school benefitted.
  • Wall Painting (Paint for a Cause) on Sanitation in three school targeting more than 400 students
  • Screening documentary on sanitation to create awareness in six school.
  • Nukkad Natak on Sanitation for rural community and student. 1400 student & community people attended same.
  • Counselling session for community and school children regarding waste management, open defecation & other sanitation issues.
  • Hand Washing Training at Paria and Sarodhi School.

Students detail against project completed (till June 2016)

Sl.No. Name of School Village (Block) Number of Student Total
Boy Girl
1. Paria Mukhyashala Paria (Pardi) 128 140 268
2. Paria Prathmikshala Paria (Pardi) 44 56 100
3. Sarondhi Mukhyashala Sarondhi (Pardi) 58 47 105
4. Kherlav Mukhyashala Kherlav (Pardi) 161 180 341
5. Nanawaghchipa Mukhyashala Nanawaghchipa (Pardi) 35 38 73
6. Umarsadi Machiwad Mukhyashala Umarsadi (Pardi) 121 171 292
7 Govt Higher Sec School, Vijaypur Vijaypur, Samba 300
8. Namdah Sport Complex Namdah, Vapi During Inter College Sports Meet, the participant will avail the facility Approx. 300 Hundred (+) Participant
9 Vapi Railway Station To be used by around 2000 person daily