AMRI Hospital organizes social media campaigns on World AIDS Day

KOLKATA: HIV infection and AIDS happen to be one of the major public health challenges. With an increasing number of patients every year, AMRI Hospitals based in Dhakuria, Mukundapur, Saltlake, Southern Avenue and Bhubaneswar organized a number of social media campaigns to spread awareness about the disease.

The campaigns were aimed at educating people about the importance of early screening, diagnosis and treatment. They were based on Know your status, which is the theme for the World AIDS Day this year.

AIDS attacks your immune system, making you much more prone to infections and ailments. The vulnerability increases with the progression of this syndrome, warn health experts at AMRI Hospitals, hospital in Kolkata. Thus, undergoing a HIV test is important for timely treatment and ensuring that all people living with HIV can lead healthy and productive lives.

Awareness of the symptoms reduces the risk of breast cancer significantly. The earlier the disease is diagnosed, the better is the chance of controlling the disease. Health experts at AMRI Hospital Kolkata advised self-testing, community-based testing and multi-disease testing as effective ways to check your HIV status.

AMRI hospital is committed towards ensuring the best comprehensive treatments against highly dangerous diseases like AIDS. Keeping up with its history of maintaining high service standards, the hospital has also attained 2nd position in The Week-Hansa Survey 2018 recently. All the units of AMRI Hospital Kolkata have a special multi-disciplinary team of highly experienced medical practitioners for dealing with complex clinical situations with ease.

“Social media campaigns are the best platform to spread awareness about diseases and encourage healthy living practices. Studies show that a major progress has been made in the AIDS response with three out of four people suffering from HIV are now aware of their status. We hope our efforts further help in spreading awareness and dispelling myths about this disease so that this perilous medical condition can be controlled,” read an official statement by AMRI Hospitals.

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