Agewell Foundation seeks inclusion of issues concerning elderly in CSR


NEW DELHI:  An advocacy group for the elderly has urged the government to consider including issues concerning old people into the concept of mandatory CSR provisions mooted for the corporate world.

The Agewell Foundation has urged the Ministry of Corporate Affairs to consider issues including old people in the concept of mandatory CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) provisions for corporates.

According to Himanshu Rath, Head of Agewell Foundation, currently in India, population of the old people is growing at a very fast pace. There are 103 million+ old people in India today, which constitute almost 8.5% of the total population of our country. Over 17000 persons are entering in the bracket of Old Age (60+) every day. On the other hand, life span of older persons has also increased remarkably over the past decades. Life expectancy at the age of 60 has increased upto 20 years.

India’s elderly population will increase dramatically over the next four decades. The share of India’s population aged 60 and above is projected to climb from 8 percent in 2010 to 19% in 2050, according to the United Nations Population Division (UN 2011).

The cut throat competitiveness in today’s human life, nuclear lifestyle and longer life span in old age has made older people most vulnerable, deprived and isolated. They need support mechanisms in the form of Helplines, Voluntary Assistance, Interaction Cetnres, Old Age Homes, Health and Legal services, Skill Development Training, Opportunities for second career after retirement, Healthcare Givers, Advocacy services along with continuous research about their needs & rights.

“In your well-crafted recommendations to the corporates for CSR provisions, while all other important issues have been included, the aspect of old age has somehow not been touched upon. With the result all initiatives to assist old people could once again remain without patronage & support from the corporate world.” Agewlll Foundation wrote Ministry.

“On behalf of millions of old people across India, we request you to kindly consider issues concerning old age for inclusion in CSR provisions set for the corporate world.”, Himanshu Rath added.

(INDIACSR News Network/PTI)

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