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p m shah pune 1PUNE: P M Shah Foundation is an NGO which started with a mission to serve society by creating awareness about health hazards, by providing necessary help, by educating masses and by partnering with them to disseminate and apply new knowledge.

The vision of the foundation is to create a healthy world and working towards the vision, it conducts research surveys, advocacy programs and organizes various health related programs for general public.From last 3 years P.M. Shah Foundation organized Arogya Film Festival successfully in Pune.

This unique concept introduced by organization to promote health awareness and also to educate the masses on various health related issues among the common citizen.This year our 4th Arogya Film Festival dedicated to the Mental and Health which will showcase various nationally and internationally acclaimed short films.

From awareness on Depression, Anxiety, Autism, Hallucinogen, Suicide, Drug Addiction, Mental Harassment and Schizophrenia the unique festival with the aim to reach out to the mentally challenge segment of the society, is themed as “Mental Health” and will showcase various nationally and internationally recognized short films.

p m shah 3The two – day 4th Aarogya Film Festival will be held on 19th & 20th (Friday and Saturday) of December 2014 at National film Archive of India (NFAI), Pune.

On 19th December 2014 Festival starts on 2 pm inaugurating the festival by the hands of Special children’s.

The festival aims out to reach the lesser but most sensitive group of peoples of the society & the general public for whom the showcased films holds much importance.

Apart from showing the films, the foundation has gone a step forward and understanding the curiosity & questions in the mind of general public regarding various mental health issues.

What mental health means and to understand how they suffer and family support with proper treatment, also we have to understand their rights and privileges have been picturized in these short films under “Mental Illness”.

Sweekar” by Mangesh Joshi is short Film on mother suffering from mental illness due to which her child is scare and their relations getting apart. But due to proper treatment given by doctor her mental condition get stable.

Prerna” by Vignesh Raja and Surya Ramchandra based on young boy suffering from mental disorder where he feels unsafe outside home. Based on professional advice, his family encouraged him gently but firmly to re-enter life in the world outside his home, explaining how their role provided an essential complement to medical treatment.

Payanam” by A.R. Subraj based on how children leave their mentally ill old father in the train without giving proper treatment.

Ek Sarthak Pahel” shown how a women is suffering from mental illness in rural areas. Beyond the superstitions and rituals how medical treatment help her to live normal life with support of society and honor given by them.

Game Over” gives us an idea that to play video game consistently is a kind of addiction. This has led to the creation of mental illness which affects his health and social life

Mr. Perfect” by Mr. Jiva based on how mentally ill young boy continuously been removed from job.

The Dirty Mind” by K. Raju shown young boy suffering from mental illness thinks everything and everyone is dirty and try to overcome from that and maintain himself clean and proper and avoid to touch others belongings. With proper treatment person can get well soon.

Unchi Uddan” by Bombay Community Public Trust represent child going through various stages of childhood with different kind of thinking and how their feelings should be understood by Family, Society and School with proper care.

Ghari Ja….Ai Bolavte” by Mayur Jadhav this story is regarding boy failed in 10th standard come under depression and keep away himself from family, friends and society. Even tried to commit suicide.

Depression” by M.S.Ramih Institute of nursing education and research, Bangalore presents stress is one kind of the health problem which affects individual’s mind, body and health as well as day to day activity.

Ghost in My House” is based on how the mother is living virtual, scary and false imagination life. Due to her virtual thinking she feared that unwanted thoughts about hurting her baby made it impossible for her to be the good mother she wanted to be.

p m shah pune 2On 2nd Day Screening of the Short Film

Little Space” by B.Lagvan shows person who suffer from mental illness are

neglected, seen disrespectfully and insulted which don’t make them live normal life as expected.

Ishana” by Mahi Kumar revealed the film how girls and young married women have to spend their whole life strictly following the traditional method and their roots. No one care about their ideas and expectations in life due to which they suffer from mental disorder.

Mental Unsettle by Radhika C.A directed on how young girl get addicted to smoking and drugs. After some period of time that girl’s mental health gets affected.

The Mind” by R.Kiran revealed mental diseases where young boy sees various shadow and illusion (Abhas) which make him scared.

Samar” dramatized on college girl being harassed and troubled which make her to attempt suicide.

Mental Retired” by Madhukar Narayan Centre which shows children suffering from mental and physical disability should take proper treatment with advice of doctor will recover them soon rather than to follow ritual and other ceremonies.

p m shah 12356My Son” by Kapil Dev represent inconvenience and trouble they are suffering as their child have mental health issues.

Mazi Goshta” (My Story), written and directed by eminent Psychiatrist Dr. Vidyadhar Bapat, is the dramatized story of a schizophrenic young boy. The film addresses the distress he goes through and how he is able to deal with the disorder through the help of his family, doctors, self-help group and music.

I hereby request you to please send your reporter to cover this social event as mentioned. We will be very happy if you will give a sound publicity in your newspaper to spread this social issue among the common people.

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