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CSV a step ahead of CSR

By Shweta Bapat In 2011 Harvard Business Review article, Strategy & Society: The Link between Competitive Advantage and Corporate Social Responsibility the concept of Creating Shared Value (CSV) was...

Small Businesses and CSR

By Shweta Bapat From an individual street vendor to the country’s largest business establishment each one has its own set of stake holders, they also have...

Society needs business and business needs society

By Shweta Bapat Why society needs business? To survive people needs to fulfil their needs some are basic or physiological needs like food shelter clothing and...

EAP – An effective but ignored tool of Employee Wellbeing

By Shweta Bapat Employee assistance programme (EAP) aims to assist employees to deal with work related problems rather challenges as well as personal problems to improve...

Are socially responsible businesses ethical as well ?

By Shweta Bapat Ethical Behaviour and Social responsibilities are considered as keys of successful social performance of business. Being ethically wrong and socially irresponsible is undoubtedly...

CSR – An upcoming driver of Employee Engagement

By Shweta Bapat Since many years increasing Employee Engagement is a burning issue in many of the organizations. The organizations feel need of increasing the...

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