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Building Corporate Governance and Sustainability Competency

By Prof Colin Coulson-Thomas The theme of this year’s London Global Convention organised by India’s Institute of Directors is the board’s transformational strategy for building a...

Transformational Board Leadership for Sustainability

By Prof Colin Coulson-Thomas Some people define sustainability in terms of enabling existing operations, growth and development to continue. For others, sustainability is living within the...

Sustaining Business Excellence in a Volatile, Complex and Ambiguous Economic Environment

By Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas The theme of this conference is transformative leadership for fostering creativity, innovation and business excellence. The title of this session is...

Board Leadership and Excellence in Creativity, Innovation  and Entrepreneurship

Dubai Global Convention 2017 on Business Excellence and Innovation held on 18th April, 2017, Hotel The Grand Hyatt, Dubai (UAE) By Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas Business leaders face...

The Case for the Creative Arts: An Arena for Enterprise, Social Entrepreneurship...

By Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas The creative arts are not new. Throughout the ages they have been an indicator of our humanity and they have left...

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