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ZINC, the Anti-Ageing Miracle Mineral

AGEING IS INEVITABLE By Pavan Kaushik Present in the top layers of the skin, Zinc assists antioxidants by preventing new free radicals from damaging the skin, and...

The Power of Zinc, in Batteries

By Pavan Kaushik  Before the development of electric generators and electrical grids, batteries provided the main source of electricity. In the year 1800, Alessandro Volta, an...

Usage of Zinc to Preserve Cemetery Monuments

By Pavan Kaushik  Corrosion is a potential problem for any metal monument, especially in highly polluted or seaside atmospheres. Nevertheless, white-bronze monuments, which were meant to...

Zinc Sacrificial Anodes – Protecting Ships

By Pavan Kaushik  The hull of a ship is the watertight body that is exposed to water. To protect the hulls, the ship builders put pieces...

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