Film on Sanitation ‘Basic’ Going Global

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PUNE: P M Shah Foundation is a social organization works in pune city and implemented various projects regarding health in Pune and adjoining areas and has been continuously working for the fundamental right of health and sanitation of common people to create awareness about the same issue amongst the common citizen.

Chetan GandhiNashik Film AwardAlmost six years ago, organization did a survey of hygiene toilets in various schools for children, origination took this issue very seriously and our findings were recognized by the then Maharashtra government. This topic was debated in the State Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) of Maharashtra and then the government took this issue seriously and sanctioned substantial amount for basic amenities/facilities in schools for children at Pune.

As films have emerged as one of the best tools to create health awareness in the society so Adv. Chetan Gandhi, Director of P M Shah Foundation started working on the issue of school sanitation and accordingly made a film on this subject named BASIC. The film ‘Basic’ directed by Adv. Chetan Gandhi and produced by P M Shah Foundation in association with Flair Network Systems Pvt. Ltd. This film based on the Fundamental Issue of School Sanitation and its basic amenities. Organization recently launched this film in 5th Arogya Film festival organizes by P.M Shah Foundation.

This short film deals with the problem of personal hygiene and importance of fundamental right to have clean toilets for children. The film by capturing a routine day of a child at home and at a school depicts how lack of clean toilets violates fundamental rights of children. Children have been considered as one of the most vulnerable sections of the society. Their rights and safety has never been upheld as a priority. Though we as a community and nation have championed the right to education to every child, we have ignored some of the most significant basic rights and that are hygiene and toilets.

Every child has a right to have clean and usable toilets at school. Basic, is an 18 minute short film that highlights these points. Children suffer lack of concentration, stomach cramps and even some severe health issues because they are unable to use toilets at school at regular intervals. Basic as a film highlights these facts. It tells a story of a boy, who is unable to go to a toilet at school because they are less in number, unusable. It is an effective depiction of how our system has conveniently ignored or violated the fundamental rights of our children.

This short film was officially selected in 8th Jaipur International Film Festival 2016, 3rd Noida International Film Festival 2016, 2nd International Film Festival of Prayag 2016, 8th Nashik International Film Festival 2016 and Maharashtra International Short Film Festival 2016. This short film got Special Jury Certificate in Noida International Film Festival 2016 and Best Social Awareness Film Award in 8thNashik International Film Festival 2016. The film received very huge & positive response from the Viewers, Schools, Audience, others Filmmakers and critiques.

The film Basic is going to showcase for 5th Bangalore Short Film Festival 2016, 3rd Navi Mumbai International Film Festival 2016, 6th Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival 2016, 1st Hariyana International Film Festival 2016 and also in Berlin Short Film Festival and Toronto International Short Film Festival.