Everything you need to know about buying medicine online

Online shopping is moving ahead and is changing the way people shop.


By India CSR Research Team 

Today, with the advent of technology, the digital space is booming with opportunities and innovative ideas are getting a kickstart. People can buy commodities, groceries, electronics, apparels and almost anything online, which is not just convenient but also provides the best price. Since everything sells online, the concept of online pharmacy is out from its nascent stage and is alive and kicking. The online pharmacy business is proliferating and is becoming the preferred choice for people in urban areas.

India is slowly but surely adopting to buy medicines online. However, there are still people who prefer to walk down to a medical store to buy medicines. Buying medicines online is hassle-free and safe. If you are still sceptical about purchasing medicines from an online pharmacy, we are here to explain the process and everything you need to know about shopping online!

Here’s what you need to know about buying medicines online

Highly Convenient

Buying medicines online is extremely convenient, and one can shop from the comfort of their home. Online shopping is all about ease and saving time which makes it as one of the most prominent reasons to shop. If you buy medicines on a frequent basis, then you can keep a tab of your inventory and order medicines a couple of days before to ensure timely delivery. 1mg – an online pharmacy delivers medicines right on time, all thanks to their proactive service. Apart from the medicines, you can also book medical tests online right from your home.

All you need to do is search for medicines online on 1mg and add the required ones in your cart.

Affordable and Authentic

Online pharmacy like 1mg offer the best deals on medicines which are hard to grab at a physical chemist. In addition to affordability, the medicines are genuine and authentic. Furthermore, you can get discounts and find coupons on a regular basis that will cut the price further. You can subscribe to newsletters and visit the website to get discounts and deals. If you buy medicines in bulk, you can get more benefits.

Completely Organized

1mg is an online pharmacy which is entirely organised and keeps your confidentiality intact. You can buy Over the Counter (OTC) medicines directly, however, for non-OTC prescription drugs, one must upload the doctor’s prescription to buy medicines online. It ensures that people can only order medicines that are required. With a strict selling policy, 1mg is highly vested in securing the details of the buyer. Information about everything one shops is between the buyer and the online pharmacy. In fact, e-Commerce stores like 1mg are highly safe and make use of secure servers with latest security patches for secure payments.

Information and Suggestions

The best part of buying medicines online is that you are making an informed decision. Online pharmacies like 1mg sell both branded and generic medicines. If you are not able to source your required medicine, 1mg will suggest the alternatives with the same name. There is also a dedicated blog section that is informative and helps people understand various aspects of health, medicines and more.

Customer Care

Online pharmacies like 1mg have a dedicated customer support that is there to resolve all queries in case of purchase. All users can do is drop in an email or call the customer care for any questions regarding their order. Remember, online stores are just a call away!

Online shopping is moving ahead and is changing the way people shop. The fast, relaxed and hassle-free experience makes it a highly sought-after shopping proposition. If you are looking to shop medicines, make sure to check out online pharmacies like 1mg for best deals and a highly intuitive shopping experience.

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