CSR : UPL along with Borosil & Alkem join forces for farmers in Beed

Backs Mayank Gandhi’s, Global Parli initiative for ambitious Rural Watershed Programme.


MUMBAI: For years now water crisis in the state of Maharashtra claimed countless lives of farmers, who resorted to suicide as the final solution to their problems. Failure of crops due to lack of water management has caused economic degradation.

Since 2016, fifteen villages in the Parli tehsil of Beed are part of a rural transformation programme initiated by social activist Mayank Gandhi through his NGO, Global Parli.

This Project aims at a 360 degree transformation by not only solving the water crisis but improving the standard of living for the villagers. In an effort to accelerate the process of water management, Global Parli is participating in Aamir Khan’s Paani Foundation’s Water Cup a 45 day intensive rural makeover.

Post makeover the villages will benefit with long-term water security, as it will save INR 28.7 crores annually on water tankers, over a period of minimum 20 years. The steep cost of the makeover (INR 4cr) has brought together Corporates like UPL(United Phosphorous Ltd), Borosil and Alkem to provide permanent drought relief to farmers in Parli.

Says Mayank Gandhi, “My Vision to transform the villages wouldn’t have been possible without the support of these companies. UPL has lent a generous helping hand since the onset and has been a constant support for this initiative. We are also deeply grateful to Borosil & Alkem for coming on board and aid us in our initiative. ”

United Phosphorous Ltd (UPL) in its own right was listed in ‘One of the 50 most caring companies in 2014’ by The World CSR Congress. For 2 years UPL has worked hand in hand with Global Parli’s team in training the villagers in Agriculture & Water Management Skills while providing necessary funds for the project.

Says Sandra Shroff, Promoter-Director, UPL, “We are very happy and privileged to be associated with a person like Mayank Gandhi who is doing such noble work and we wish him all the best in whatever he does and we look forward to further opportunities of working together with him”.

Says Pradeep Kheruka, Vice Chairman, Borosil, “It is time for all citizens to rally around our farmers and extend all support to help make farming viable and remunerative. Our collective penchant for problem solving must be harnessed to our effort in this vital endeavor”.

The 360 degree makeover includes everything From Widening & Deepening of rivers, Creating farm Ponds, Soak Pits, Water Trenches & Bore wells To Agriculture & Water Management knowledge Training, Computer Training, Women Empowerment Initiative, Free Tuitions for children & Basic Automobile Mechanical training aimed at future employment opportunities and improving income for each family.

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