Vishwaraj Infrastructure implementing path-breaking project of 24×7 water supply for Nagpur: Arun Lakhani, CMD


NAGPUR: Orange City Water Pvt Ltd., a joint venture between Vishvaraj Environment and Veolia Water India Pvt Ltd, a 25-year contract under the Central Government’s ambitious JNNURM (Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission) for the execution of Nagpur Municipal Corporation’s Uninterrupted Water Supply Scheme, popularly known as 24×7 Water Supply Scheme. The project included management of the entire water cycle from production, treatment, transport, storage and delivery of water to the customer’s tap. It involved replacement of over three lakh house service connections, rehabilitation of treatment facilities, service reservoirs and pipelines.

On World Water Day by Arun Lakhani, Chairman and Managing Director, Vishvaraj Infrastructure Ltd. shared about key features and development of project. Edited Excerpts:

How important is the role of people participation in water saving?

Water being the basic element of life, the relation between Man and Water is considered to be sacrosanct. Despite this fact, water is often dealt with casually and this approach leads to wastage of water. The first step towards water conservation is awareness. Awareness about the diminishing resource, awareness about the responsibility and accountability of conservation which lies with the very users and awareness about the various ways to conserve. This awareness has to be raised among the people and for an impact that lasts,  it should be raised ‘by’ the people too. Therefore, People’s participation is of utmost importance in saving water.

What is the objective of building campaign ‘My City My Water’?

‘My City My Water’ was the starting point of People’s Participation in the ambitious PPP project of Uninterrupted Water Supply Scheme in the city of Nagpur which is being implemented by Vishwaraj Infrastructure Ltd. It started the revolutionary journey of citizen engagement in the project which has now shaped up to be a model for the country. The objective of this campaign was to raise awareness in the society via schools and students about the 24×7 Project, which was about to start then, its objectives, the benefits and the ultimate aim of water conservation. It was conducted in 255 schools across the city and it generated a huge positive response that created grounds for the start of implementation of 24×7 project.

How Vishvaraj  Infrastructure  trying to make smart water management to achieve smart city mission?

While we talk of so many cities turning Smart, the first indicator i.e. adequate clean water supply still remains a challenge for most of the urban areas. Vishwaraj Infrastructure is implementing the path-breaking project of 24×7 water supply for the city of Nagpur. Another project of Vishwaraj which is a major step towards Smart Water Management if the Waste Water Treatment with reuse which a 100% privately funded project which treats 200MLD of sewage from Nagpur and the treated sewage is used for reuse in power generation.

These two projects together build the Integrated water management cycle which is Smart Solution for the Smart City Mission.

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