Tata Steel facilitates setting up of community-opted R&R facility at Ramathenga in Odisha


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BHUBNESWAR: After  setting up three modern rehabilitation colonies at Trijanga, Sansailo and Gobarghati for relocation of families displaced by Tata Steel’s Greenfield steel project at Kalinganagar, Tata Steel has introduced yet another innovative  approach to make relocation smooth. The initiative is aimed at enabling the  displaced people to resettle in the locality of their choice near Kalinganagar.

Tata  Steel, committed to improving the quality of life of the relocated families, is  developing a rehabilitation and resettlement set-up at Ramathenga, the location  opted for by the displaced families themselves near Kalinganagar., today company said in the statement.

The  development of this independent rehabilitation set-up located at about 5 km  from Duburi  has been taken up to  fulfill the aspirations of those displaced families who did not want to live in  the three designated rehabilitation colonies set up by Tata Steel.

The  Company, after paying cash in lieu of the plot, has provided water,  electricity, transportation facilities, common amenities, security, temporary  sheds till they have their own house, free grocery (Rice, Dal etc), free  medical facilities and facilitation in school admission for their children,  among other things.

Besides,  road and drainage systems, a pipeline network, community centre, barbed  fencing with entrance gates, street lights and power connectivity to individual  houses, ponds, plantation, Jahersthan, Anganwadi / Balwadi Centre are being  developed.

In  all, 31 families have opted for the R&R set-up at Ramathenga. Important  among the families who have pioneered this effort with the R&R team of Tata  Steel are the families of Purno Chandra Jamuda, SuniaTiriya, Rasanand Bodra,  Sinu Bodra and Ram Chandra Jamuda among others.

Further,  to provide sustainable sources of livelihood for the relocated families in  Kalinganagar, the Company has chalked out plans to create various avenues for  income generation. Efforts would be made to upgrade their skills through  training and engagement in contract jobs.

Participative and planned rehabilitation, creation  of sustainable income-generating opportunities, free education and healthcare  facilities for all and focus and preservation of cultural heritage are some of  the key steps beyond the government RR policies that are being implemented  under the Tata Steel Parivar scheme in Kalinganagar.

 Tata Steel & Corporate Sustainability  Services
Established in 1907,  Tata Steel is the flagship company of Tata Group, the most respected business  house in India and one amongst the leading steel producers in the world. The  Company was founded on the philosophy that society is not just another  stakeholder in its business, but its prime purpose.

As Tata Steel’s operations have expanded to new geographies, the Company has retained a collective focus on the various areas of corporate social responsibility that impact the environment, people and their health, and society at large. In India, the Company is pledged to causes such as strengthening civic amenities in and around its sites, providing healthcare, education, training, employment and recreation, and preserving culture and heritage, especially of indigenous tribes.

Tata Steel has expanded its reach from the city of Jamshedpur and its  adjoining urban areas to over 800 villages in the Indian states of Jharkhand,  Orissa and Chhattisgarh, touching the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. In 2008, Tata Steel India became the first integrated steel plant in the world,  outside Japan, to be awarded the Deming Application Prize 2008 for excellence  in Total Quality Management.

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