Tata Salt’s ‘March for Purity’ Walkathon in Bengaluru witnesses huge support


Walkathon attracts more than 1200 participants

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MUMBAI: In the city witnessed a large turnout of more than 1200 people on 20th October 2013 at Freedom Park. Individuals from all walks of life participated in the ‘March for Purity’ to spread awareness about the consumption of pure salt.

Mayor B S Sathyanarayana walks for Tata Salt March For Purity WalkathonShri. B S Sathya Narayan, Mayor of Bangalore and Smt. Indhira Deputy Mayor, Chief Guests at the Tata Salt Walkathon, cheered the participant’s in their ‘March for Purity’ and emphasized upon the significance of demanding unadulterated salt.

In line with its philosophy of ‘serving society through science’, Tata Salt organized the ‘March for Purity’ Walkathon to empower consumers in their right to demand for pure, hygienic and standardized products in pursuit of a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Speaking on this initiative, Mr. Ashvini Hiran, COO, Tata Chemicals, Consumer Product Business, said “Tata Salt has been one of the most trusted food brands for many years, and this support from millions of families across the country has come due to the promise of purity that Tata Salt has always maintained. This walkathon has been organized to bring together the people of Bengaluru, to further spread awareness and strengthen the resolve to consume only quality salt in their daily cooking, thus ensuring their well-being. We thank the people of Bengaluru for joining this Walkathon in large numbers to support this cause.”

In a market that was characterized by loose, unbranded salt of dubious quality, Tata Salt provided Indian consumers a hygienic, packaged and a standardized product. Tata Salt goes through vacuum-evaporation manufacturing process and dissolves completely in water without leaving any residue ensuring its purity.  Over the last two decades, it has in the truest sense lived up to its claim of being ‘Desh Ka Namak’.

A part of the over US$ 100 billion Tata Group, Tata Chemicals Limited (TCL) is a global company with interests in businesses that focus on LIFE —Living, Industrial and Farm Essentials. The story of the company is about harnessing the fruits of science for goals that go beyond business.

Through its Living Essentials portfolio the company has positively impacted the lives of millions of Indians. Tata Chemicals is the pioneer and market leader in India’s branded Iodised salt segment. With the introduction of an innovative, low-cost, nanotechnology based water purifier; it is providing affordable, safe drinking water to the masses. Extending its portfolio from salt to other food essentials, TCL unveiled India’s first national brand of pulses in 2010.

The company’s Industry Essentials product range provides key ingredients to some of the world’s largest manufacturers of glass, detergents and other industrial products. Tata Chemicals currently is the world’s second largest producer of soda ash with manufacturing facilities in Asia, Europe, Africa and North America. Starting April 1st 2011, these key international subsidiaries have been rebranded as Tata Chemicals Europe Limited (TCE), Tata Chemicals Magadi Limited (TCM), Tata Chemicals South Africa Pty Limited, Tata Chemicals North America Inc. (TCNA), and Tata Chemicals (Soda Ash) partners (TCSAP).

With its Farming Essentials portfolio the company has carved a niche in India as a crop nutrients provider. It is a leading manufacturer of urea and phosphatic fertilizers and, through its subsidiary Rallis, has a strong position in the crop protection business.

The Tata Chemicals Innovation Centre is home to world class R&D capabilities in the emerging areas of nanotechnology and biotechnology. The company’s Centre for Agri-Solutions and Technology provides advice on farming solutions and crop nutrition practices.

The company has also entered into a joint venture with Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory Ltd. Singapore (JOiL) to develop jathropa seedlings to enable bio fuels capability.

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