Suzlon Group’s CSR arm completes 10 years


PUNE: Suzlon Foundation, the CSR arm of Suzlon Group, completes 10 years of making a difference. Suzlon Foundation was established with the goals of ensuring minimal environmental impact, enabling communities to realize their potential and empowering employees to be responsible civil society partners.

These goals are aligned with Suzlon Group’s vision of Powering a Greener tomorrow. Since inception, Suzlon Foundation has endeavored to make a real difference to the communities, rather than just being a charitable foundation.

In these 10 years, through an integrated approach and collaboration with multiple stakeholders, Suzlon Foundation has created a self-sustaining ecosystem for communities across the value chain of their operations.

Dr. Jasmine Sofia Gogia, General Manager, Suzlon Foundation said, “Our initiatives in the past decade have always focused on overall sustainability and balanced growth of communities in and around our area of operations. Our CSR programs are identified collaboratively with the villagers based on their needs and are mainly focused on enhancing the livelihood, health, education, civic amenities and educating on natural resource management. The foundation has evolved to adapt to the changing needs, however, our commitment to make a real impact to society has been unwavering.”

Decade of Difference:

• Improved livelihoods of 1,83,308 families
Reached 12,32,250 individuals across 800 villages reached
Lit up homes with more than 8,047 solar lighting systems
• Treated over 10,704 Ha of land and planted over 15,85,474 trees
Treated over 6,80,926 animals
• Provided better education opportunities to 1,36,323 students
• Reached over 1, 387 schools
4,24,75,684 cubic meters of water conserved
4,26,681 Kgs of waste recycled
Eye sight restored of 5,654 cataract patients
Supported 1,368 specially abled individuals
• Strengthened 500 Village Development Committees

The Suzlon Group is one of the leading renewable energy solutions providers in the world with an international presence across 18 countries in Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa and North and South America.

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