SOBHA Hermitage: A place called Home for Senior Citizens and Young Widowed Mothers

BENGALURU: Often, senior citizens, especially from the weaker sections of the society are left behind abandoned, alone and lonely in the evening of their lives. Poor living conditions, with little or no support to take care of their well-being, leaves them emotionally and physically vulnerable at this stage.

The genuine empathy of PNC Menon, Founder and Chairman of SOBHA Group, towards this vulnerable section of people made him provide a shelter for them that offers love, care and support. Thus, SOBHA Hermitage came into existence. A sanctuary of humanity, SOBHA Hermitage not only provides a roof over the head of the residents but also offers all necessary amenities to lead a comfortable life.

SOBHA Hermitage is built on 10 acres of land and has 50 rooms with a separate dining room and kitchen. At SOBHA Hermitage, residents are provided independent, self-contained rooms, a library and a common television room, a modern kitchen that serves pure vegetarian food, a gym and also internet access. The residents are offered round-the-clock medical facilities as and when required. Additionally, Hermitage has an in-house clinic as well as offers a doctor on call during non-working hours.

Besides the aged, it also extends support to another equally vulnerable section of the society – young widowed mothers and their children. Through this home, young mothers and their children are offered a comprehensive rehabilitation program, ensuring their welfare, safety and security. The young widows at SOBHA Hermitage are encouraged to continue their education and help with employment at SOBHA Academy, basis their suitability. Further, their children are provided free education at the Academy. To ensure that they have an emotionally fulfilling life, many young widows are re-married with suitable men.

SOBHA Hermitage lays equal emphasis on inculcating a sense of belonging and a sense of community through social activities such as birthday celebrations, cultural events and festival celebration, besides fulfilling basic needs. These are aimed at bringing together the residents to become a family.

SOBHA Hermitage is a home away from home, offering a life that spells comfort and is socially enriching. A life that the residents truly deserve!