Mobile Rice Mill, a Way to Economic Transforming of Women in Maharashtra


An inspring story of Tanujatai Gavit from Nandurbar, Maharashtra

By Sagar Padgilwar, Pune

Nandurbar is a small district in Maharashtra. The main livelihood of people in the area is farming. The district is mainly surrounded by small villages and tribal areas where large number of tribal community is residing.

This is a story of a tribal resident in Borcheck village. Padgilwar Corporation, helped to transform the socio-economic status of the poor tribal women Ms. Gavit and her family.


There was no rice mill before 2010 in Khandbara village. Farmers had to travel at least 35 km from the village to take paddy and get cleaned rice from the mill. Setting up of Rice Mill in village saved their time and money and increased income as well.


Dr. Hedgewar Seva Samiti supervised Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) took the initiative to motivate group of poor farmers to come together and form a Farmers’ Cooperative Society. To promote value addition to rice, farm produce of tribal farmers, the KVK motivated them to procure the ‘Mobile Rice Mill’. So in 2010 this activity started in Khandbara village cluster under which 8 villages appear.

The farmers’ cooperative society took all the guidance from Padgilwar Corporation and KVK and decided to give the Mobile Rice mill on rental basis to unemployed family with rent of Rs. 500 per year. Under the scheme, they trained Tanujatai Vilas Gavit towards using Mobile Rice Mill.

Here is an exhibit of Profits generated through the venture to Tanujatai Gavit.

Year Total Processed Paddy (Quintal) Total Husk Received (Quintal) Profits from sale of Husk (Rs.) Net Profits in a              Year (Rs.)
2011 400 195 58,500 40,000
2012 910 452 1,90,800 1,45,500
Mobile Rice Mill
Image 1: Mobile Rice Mill

It saved time and money of hundreds of tribal farmers.
Nearby 8 villages farmers were benefitted.
Farmers could sale their cleaned rice for Rs. 35 per Kg which was sold earlier at Rs. 12 per Kg. This increased their income substantially.
It helped for the livelihood of Gavit family through self-employment.
They also trained two tribal advisis about Mobile Rice Mill usage.

Tanujatai Gavit with Mobile Rice Mill
Image 2: Tanujatai Gavit with Mobile Rice Mill

Padgilwar Corporation is leading farm equipment manufacturing group engaged in the betterment and welfare of small farmers’ community from Maharashtra from last 60 years. It is a trusted partner of thousands of small farmers. It is involved in enhancing self- employment & developing Agri Entrepreneurs through introducing value added machines like ‘Angel Mobile Rice Mill. It has been empowering farmers through various activities in association with State Govt. of Maharashtra, MACP and World Bank.

Image 3: Story of Tanuja Tai Gavit in Agrowon (16th November 2013)
Image 3: Story of Tanuja Tai Gavit in Agrowon

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