KEF Holdings Chairman Faizal Kottikollon renewed its commitment towards serving the society

(Right to Left: Shabana Faizal, Co–founder; Faizal Kottikollon, Co–founder of Faizal and Shabana Foundation and Joseph Sebastian, Head of Foundation)

By Rusen Kumar

CALICUT (Kerala): The Faizal and Shabana Foundation, founded in the 2007 by the promoters of KEF Holdings, has reached a milestone, celebrating its 10-year anniversary with commitment towards social welfare and education.

The Foundation is planning to expand its sustainable village development program in other states also.

“Foundation has embodied itself in over 25 programs and projects which has impacted thousands of lives in the Kerala and Karnataka and also in Middle East”, said Faizal Kottikollon and Shabana Faizal, Co–founders of Faizal and Shabana Foundation while addressing the press conference here in Calicut.

Faizal Kottikollon, Chairman of KEF Holdings says, “The Foundation was started with a mission to support communities most in need, by creating opportunities where people can learn, develop and build better lives for themselves.”

“All our programs are designed with two main factors in mind – firstly it must be sustainable, we want to give people tools that they can build on and that is why we focus on education, skill development, and research these are all catalyst that can create real impact. Secondly, it should be a model that is scalable and can become a case-study that can be tailored and implemented anywhere in the world.”, further added.

“The mission of the Foundation is rooted in a set of values that span social justice, service, inclusiveness, relationship, integrity, competence and collaboration.”, Faizal Kottikollon said.

Shabana Faizal, Vice Chairperson of KEF Holdings said, “Our programs are designed to create value for the people in our local and rural communities by improving their quality of life and empowering them for better opportunities.”

“For the past decade, we have worked relentlessly to stay committed to our vision and have been able to directly and positively impact our society, economy and environment.” she added.

Foundation has been working in six areas of development: Education and Youth Development, Healthcare and Wellness Support, Regenerative Sustainable Development, Humanitarian Aid and Assistance; Community Outreach and Support; and Art and Culture Development.

Foundation has adopted a whole panchayat covering over 1,500 families in Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu and introduced a village intervention model to create sustainable development.

The education model evolved by the foundation in Kerala and now it is being implemented across hundreds of government and aided schools in Kerala is gathering interest in other states with one school opened in Tamil Nadu and another initiated in Karnataka.

(Rusen Kumar was the part of Press Conference)

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