Dr. Abdul Kalam Kalpakta Kendra participates India CSR Leadership Summit at Mumbai

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MUMBAI: India CSR organized ‘India CSR Leadership Summit & Awards’ at Hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai on May 26, 2017. Dr. Abdul Kalam Kalpakta Kendra, a flagship social project of Edunation Softech Private Limited actively participated the forum and exhibited its innovation in detailed manner. Milind Chaudhari, Managing Director of Edunation Softech meet everyone personally and explained the project, and how it will positively impact the minds of our youths.

This is a creativity centre aimed at encouraging budding scientists and innovators in society. The centre is stocked up with electronic spare parts, circuit boards, soldering irons, magnifying glasses, cutters, broad boards, etc to innovate projects that can be easily detached to be modified or reused.Minister Ramdas Atawale at Dr. Abdul Kalam Kalpakta Kendra in Mumbai Milind Chaudhari Edunation

Dr. Abdul Kalam Kalpakta Kendra unleashing the inherent curiosity and energy within children and channelize in a creative way to come up with technology aided solutions for real life problems and needs. We do it by using the exciting technology platform of ROBOTICS and ELECTRONICS and conduct activity based experiential learning program. The practical knowledge presented in a familiar and mind-engaging context leads to easier understanding and retention, learning becomes fun.

Importance of STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) education, use of technology and hands-on learning in primary, middle and higher education. Students must learn application of core STEM Concepts and acquire essential life skills in order to be successful in their professional lives.Milind_Chaudhari_Managing_Director_Edunation_Softech

World is changing very fast. Ones upon a time there was a PC revolution, Then Software and Mobile Revolution now in future Robotics will be part of our lives. It is imperative that we give our future generation the knowledge and power to build a better world. India is a fast developing economy, with a large and growing young population (over 220 million children in India between 6-16 years.). Use of technology in everyday life is far greater than ever before and will increase many fold in the near future. The global robotics industry is growing rapidly and the trend towards its adoption is increasing in India as students. Robotics will play a major role in the future so it is imperative that we prepare the present generation of students for this transition.Rusen Kumar Ramdas Athwale Rana Singh Sunil Ramdas Vikas Sharma Dr Rajeev Gupa at India CSR Leadership Summit

Dr Abdul Kalam Kalpakta Kendra has following objectives:

  • To provide a forum for children to pursue their natural curiosity and inventiveness to quench their thirst for creativity.
  • To make children feel that science is all around us and we can gain knowledge as well as solve many problems by relating the learning process to the physical and social environment.
  • To lay emphasis on the development of science and technology as a major instrument for achieving goals of self-reliance and socio-economic and socio-ecological development.
  • To highlight the role of science and technology for producing good quality and environmental friendly materials for the use of society.
  • To apply mathematics and information technology to visualize and solve problems pertaining to everyday life etc.
  • To appreciate the role of science in meeting the challenges of life such as climate change, opening new avenues in the area of agriculture, fertilizer, food processing, biotechnology, green energy, disaster management, information and communication technology, astronomy, transport, games and sports etc.; and
  • To create awareness about environmental issues and concerns and inspiring children to devise innovative ideas towards their mitigation

The models/exhibits enable the students and teachers to generate scientific ideas for addressing various problems of the society and environment.

“At Summit a Mini setup of this center was presented in actual along with 4 work stations. Many corporate along with government officials & NGO’s showed keen interest in this project as CSR initiative.”, Milind Chaudhari, Managing Director of Edunation Softech informed India CSR Network.

Hon’ble Minister of State for Social Justice & Empowerment Shri Ramdas Athawale visited Dr Abdul Kalam Kalpakta Kendra at Sahara Star, Mumbai and he is impressed by the project. From industry Pragnya Ram (Group Executive president, Aditya Birla Group), Sir Dr. Huz Huzaifa Khorakiwala ( Executive Director Wockhart Ltd), Sunil Kumar Jain (Chief Manager, Piramal Helthcare), Yashwant Kumar (Head CSR, Hindalco Industries Limited) and many more renold CSR & NGO personalites visited Dr Abdul Kalam Kalpakta Kendra.