DLF Foundation Organizes Cancer Awareness Program For Working Women

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GURGAON: As part of a broad initiative undertaken by DLF Foundation in collaboration with the World Healthal Trust (WHT) Cancer Awareness cum screening program was organized to commemorate International Women’s Day,Today.

The camp was set up in the atrium of building Cyber City, Gurgaon and witnessed large scale participation owing to the foundation’s exemplary efforts in spreading the word on Breast Cancer Awareness.

The event was a one-day affair, from 10am to 6pm during which seminars and discussions were conducted and attended by medical experts who elucidated upon the invasiveness of this affliction, especially in working women and adolescent girls.

Members of DLF Foundation and student volunteers from Law Faculty, Institute of Technology and Management (ITM) contributed significantly towards the dissemination of information on Breast Cancer, by distributing pamphlets and educating women on the subject in various MNCs in the vicinity of Cyber-City.

This participation marked the need to engage the youth in furthering the case of health awareness in India, which is often disregarded in the fast life of the city. The foundation made efforts to reward their time and effort through participation certificates on behalf of organizers along with encouragement to continue the noble work. Keeping the tradition of ‘pink color’ for Breast Cancer, organizing team members distributed  t-shirts among volunteers.

There was a separate section reserved for stalls put up by DLF Foundation which distributed to all visitors, over a 1000 pamphlets, various publications, and newsletter of the foundation having informative data about health schemes and benefits which denotes commitment towards the well-being of its work-force.

The catch of the event was an actual examination section beside the stalls in a tent enclosure complete with hospital beds, medical facilities and an attending, who screened women for breast and cervical cancer. Qualified medical personnel and oncologists from the country’s top hospitals were present to examine women while extensively educating them on the ways and means to recognize the disease and battle it out.

The event recognized women’s share in the corporate sector and the large employee workforce that has transformed the face of India, particularly Gurgaon. The sheer number of women employees had risen gradually over the years. While this denotes progress overall, it has also shed light on the increasing number of lifestyle diseases, for women in particular who have often been rightly accused of taking their health lightly.

The camp highlighted preventive measures to be taken by working women, steps to be adopted for early detection and methods of treatment for cancer for women with the disease. There were awareness sessions where they were taught how to conduct self-examinations. The event marked the increased need to admit the perils of this disease and how women everywhere are falling prey to it, mostly due to lack of knowledge and an ignorant attitude towards the terminal nature of it.

Speaking on the occasion, Ritesh Sinha, Associate Director, Programs, DLF Foundation said “This awareness program aims to provide people with information, resources and assistance to find convenient access to services and programmes for prevention and early detection of cancer”

“With the alarming speed at which cancer has spread across the nation, there is a need to educate people about the importance of its early screening to ensure control and treatment at the earliest. We believe this venture of DLF Foundation and World Healthal Trust have initiated will help curb the metastasizing of this disease. Being in the know is always better than being caught blind”

“It was a very informative session.I will definitely take the vaccination prescribed by the doctor here for the prevention of cervical cancer.Awareness campaigns like these should be held more often to sensitize the women about this issue”  said, Fatima Javed, CB&I, Cyber City, one of the participant of the program.



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