CSR : Wonder Cement created Substantial difference to the lives of local people 

UDAIPUR: CSR these days is a mantra that many companies follow. However only a few have been able to do consistently or show meaningful impact of such programmes.

Given the social-economic situation, there is a greater need for CSR that could go beyond being seen as doing good and show the significant impact on the progress and upliftment of immediate communities.

In Rajasthan, one company whose CSR programs have shown consistency and impactful results is the leading cement major – Wonder Cement Ltd. They have been successfully running their CSR throughout the year through programs that have benefited local people in visible and measurable ways.

Wonder Cement has taken some major steps for conserving the environment. The various programme introduced by the company includes –

Green Belt Development in which around 117.91 hectare area has been developed as a green belt by planting over two lakh , shrubs & herbs and several lawns that dot the township, mining & plant areas. The treated waste water is reused in the power generation and green belt development and is not discharged outside the factory.

Farmer Development Program – Under the Farmer Development Programme of the company, over 200 Farmers of neighboring villages are encouraged and trained to take up compost making through vermicomposting for organic farming. They are also involved in producing protein rich Azolla fern for animals.

Community Plantation – Wonder Cement in partnership with local panchayat & MGNREGA has planted fruit orchard Panchfal Udhyan in 23 hectares of land. It also provided wire fencing, water storage tanks, irrigation facility, security hut, solar lights etc. for the regular care by Gram Panchayat. Regular maintenance is done through MGNREGA which is generating meaningful employment for villagers.

Besides, the road median, roadside plantation, public garden development & care under Green N Clean Nimbahera initiative, plantation in villages, schools and panchayat location is also carried out. The company also introduced Green N Clean Nimbahera Plantation in which 3000 saplings were planted at hospital campus & road median from its total target of 10000 saplings to be planted across Nimbahera town this year.

They also distributed hundreds of fruit saplings to people through the Nagarpalika to encourage them to increase green cover.

Water Harvesting – Another interesting program is Water Harvesting where groundwater is recharged by connecting open well & tube wells to Rainwater. The Company also contributes to Mukhyamantri Jal Swavlamban Abhiyan which is a flagship water conservation programme of Rajasthan Govt.

Women Empowerment – Wonder Cement Limited also focuses on Women empowerment programmes. They have various programmes initiated by the company which includes training   in stitching, woollen cloth making, Agarbatti making through semi-automatic machines etc. at their villages or nearby location.

So far, under the Hunar Training programme the company has trained more than 300 women and girls in stitching, woollen cloth making, Agarbatti making through semi-automatic machines and taught them computer basics too. These training are resulting in increased income generating options with ease. Hunar SHG programme have engaged more than 250 women for their development.

Apart from these, other major stepts taken by the company include installlation of 150 LED Street Light across nearby villages. The company provides LED Street Lights across four villages. Wonder Cement also sponsors mega Eye Check-up camp at Sub-District Hospital – Nimbahera organised by Sri Sewa Sansthan in collaboration with super speciality eye care hospital (GOMABAI NETRALAYA) of Neemuch, MP.

Hundreds of people from many villages and Nimbahera town participate.  In the last campaign,  576 patient were selected for further treatment and 265 patients were selected for cataract surgery performed at GOMABAI NETRALAYA which has top quality facilities.

The company has been helping children too to learn computers and has donated sets to Government senior secondary School at Payri, These computers helped the children in practical learning of computer subject. Teachers also use it for their administrative work. Wonder Cement also provided hundreds of water pots on the occasion of Parinda for villagers in the vicinity of the plant.

The extensive CSR initiatives of Wonder cement indeed given an indication of how changes could be brought about at the grass-root level.