CSR : Implementation of Smart Classrooms initiative for Govt. Schools in Gujarat 


AHMEDABAD: The ear-attacking sound of chalk on a blackboard. The woody scent of pencil-sharpener dust. The tattered pages of old schoolbooks. The arresting light of an overhead projector. These are just some of the classroom flukes that 21st-century students may never experience.

Instead, there will be the speed of the internet, the batteries of their chrome-books bothering them. This will surely be a promise of digital learning: an experience that’s infinitely more interactive, engaging and immersive than analog education.

It may seem light years for it to percolate all around in the future, but the transition in many schools is already underway in the western State of Gujarat. In September 2017, Gujarat State run schools began transitioning to classrooms of tomorrow known as Smart Classrooms.

The Smart Classrooms have the following features:

  • Room colour work
  • Posters
  • Knowledge-Yan, popularly known as K-Yan, is an integrated community computer that functions as a computer, projector, and television
  • Multimedia content
  • Benches
  • Flooring

When knowledge is tied with instructional design, the aids are many. Wise qualities the positive outcomes to tailored learning. There’s a wide assortment of audio-visual aid that can bring courses to life with real-world examples that make things applicable for kids. It keeps students involved, and involvement is the key.

The only motive is to connect the yawning gap in our education system; a recurrent complaint that has expressively contributed in intensifying, rather than falling, the country’s unsatisfactory society.

A swerve of initiatives is rooted in the model to see to it that students are optimally profited through a diverse of learning prospects that allow both students and teachers to learn concurrently. With smart classrooms, truncated cost science kits, cooperating content for different subjects, exclusive library programs, interschool competitions for cross- school learning and contact to digital structure under its scope, the Smart Classroom model provides an excess of options that allow children to explore, research and determine learning in multiple ways.

Yuva Unstoppable, an NGO working tirelessly for the development of kids and youth have taken up this initiative to provide State of the Art Facilities to Government Schools in collaboration with Deep Foundation. Deep Foundation is the Philanthropic arm of Deep Industries Limited.

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