CSR : Bridgestone India and FICCI to work on advance the cause of women empowerment


NEW DELHI: Bridgestone India announced a new partnership with FICCI FLO Pune to introduce initiatives focused on Women’s Empowerment. The initiatives will provide opportunities for financial independence to the women of Pune.

One of the key priority areas of Bridgestone’s global CSR commitment of Our Way to Serve, ‘People’ and from which the need to contribute towards the cause of women empowerment stems.

Another reason for Bridgestone to emphasize on this issue is to contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal No. 5 of ‘Achieving Gender Equality and Empowering Women and Girls’.

The partnership between Bridgestone India and FICCI FLO is an extension of the same compassion and will with which Bridgestone has carried out various other CSR initiatives. Additionally, Bridgestone is also partnering with the on- going government initiatives for skill development and gender equality.

Under this partnership, Bridgestone India will provide funds amounting to 40 Lacs Rupees to FICCI FLO Pune. These funds would be exclusively utilized for women centric initiatives providing two-wheeler driving lessons, soft skills as well as self-defense trainings, enabling these women to be employed as delivery personnel.

The support also extends to some Nursing Assistant and Dental Assistant training programs. One of the major events planned under the partnership is the Pune Flo Half Marathon to be held on October 28th this year at Magarpatta city, Pune.

(Based on Bridgestone India statement)

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