All Living Beings are Born to Give


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All living beings are born to give. Among all living being Land, Sky, Rain, Cloud, and Air are the biggest givers to all Living Beings. Think about what will happen if all the greatest givers stop to give. Children and Youths in the World must be taught in the Schools and Colleges about saving and giving pledge.

Each of living being has equal right on everything available on the Universe, Hoarding is a crime and therefore no living beings except Human Beings are hoarding Money and other things. Think about how much and how many Crimes are being done by human beings by hoardings especially man mad money.

There is no God in this Universe. The Universe is working and moving AUTOMATICALLY.

The System or Software of the Universe might have been prepared by God and left it to work in its own way. Since Centuries we are living only in ILLUSIONS and we are taught by our forefathers and others to live and die in Illusions only. We can only treat Good Qualities as symbols of God and Bad Qualities as Symbols of Monsters and Devils.

It is more beneficial and advantageous to focus our mind on Good Qualities than taking name of the God or praying to God. God is a creation of Exploiters for Innocent People and therefore no other living beings recognize God. Religions are hijacked or misused by Terrorists and Mafia Politicians for their Survivals.

We all are born to die. The only reality is the Death. We are in the Mouth of Death. Death is not coming only one time but we are dying in every passing moment and one can see one’s own bit of death in every passing moment. Life is a passing of time from Birth till Death or one may say that Life is a Waste of Time. The first two important Laws of Nature are 1. Law of Equality and 2. Law of Uniformity and therefore every living being is given equality and informally 24 hours in a day to pass it.

So the passing of the time till death should be for Bringing Excitements in the Life, Creating Pleasing Moods, Happiness, Joy, Creating and Maintaining Peace & Harmony and Giving Pledge to make this World happier.

There must be YOGA, Gymnasium, Slow and Sweet Classical and Melodious Music-Songs-Dance and LITERATURES as Mandatory Subjects in Schools and Colleges in all over the World for good Health, Peace of Mind, Creativity, Happiness, Joy, Deep Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding.

Our Body is full of Dirt and it is a House of Diseases. What is in our body or what is coming out from it is dirt only so we are made from dirt only. What we are taking in like Water, Food etc are good things but after getting entered these items in our body, our body makes them dirty and rotten.

The Greatest Works of Giving for the Governments and Society should be or If one believes in God then Greatest works of the God are

1. Growing Trees and Plants, most useful to human beings like Vegetable Trees, Fruit Trees, Dry Fruit Trees, Medicinal Plants and Trees, Flower Plants and Trees and Commercial Trees

2. Building and Setting up more and more Water Reservoirs

3. Building all Agricultural Infrastructures

4. Initiating Garden and Terrace Farming in every Bungalow, Apartment and Housing Society

5. Technical Schools for creating Masterminded and Specialized Labor Force

6. Creating and Providing only World Class and Hi-Tech Facilities for Poor People, Laborers and Farmers and

7. Abolition of Corruptions, Wrong Doings and all kinds of Vices from the Governments, Society, Judiciary, Police, Systems and Practices. Maximum Grants and Donations must be given for these purposes only.

I Have an Idea which must be used for the betterment of Children, Youths, Human Beings, Industries, Society,Governments etc in the World. This idea I want to use commercially by starting Limited Company. I do not require any Charity, Grant or Donation for my this Project but I require Interest Free Finance of $ 2 Million for this project which may be returned within 3 years, which may fetch/bring Billions in Multiple. I am very sorry that I cannot give even a hint about my this Idea to anyone.


( HITEN SHAH lives in Mumbai.He can be contacted at


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