“We aim to bring about an architectural revolution”, says Vimal Singh Panwar of R K Marble


JAIPUR: Continuing with its tour of India Design Perspective, a chain of exhibitions for the latest trend-setting designs in the world of architecture, powered by FOAID and their Luxury Partner R K Marble, reached Raipur in all its glory.

Innovations at their peak and designs at their best, Design Perspective is bringing the creative minds together in ways more than one. It has been a platform for the impactful expression of creations out of the comfort zone of the ordinary minds. The vast diversity and creative disparities have impressed the Luxury Partner of Design Perspective, R K Marble, and has led them to tweak their own ideas to more novel designs.

This was clearly visible at the last Design Perspective exhibition held at Goa. Having impressed everyone with their matchless products at Goa, it was now Raipur’s turn to be amazed and enthralled by the brilliance and beauty of the advanced designs and the natural wonders polished to perfection that, the products of R K Marble are.

“For most people building something that they love and invest all their money in, is a one-time investment. They want, at least, some decades to elapse before renovation and restoration becomes an absolute necessity. So, the idea of devoting your resources to materials that stay intact for generations to come, is undeniably a reasonable one. As the largest suppliers of natural stone across the country, we are continuously under processes of making natural stone, a luxury within everyone’s reach. Contemporary ideas in the form of innovative designs and ongoing upgrades in technology are our allies in this journey. Design Perspective is an attempt to stay true to our promises.” explained R. K. Gupta, Executive President, R K Marble, as to why Design Perspective is such an indispensable event for their company.

This was carried forward by Vimal Singh Panwar, Brand Manager for R K Marble, “As Luxury Partners of Design Perspective, a futuristically progressive perspective towards the reforms in the realm of architecture is always a welcome approach. In my opinion, the three A’s of the wheel of variance, decide the success and outreach of a brand. Adaptability towards the current changes, Acceptance of primary innovation at the grass root level of the final product and an easy Affordability of these changes incorporated in their products are the key ingredients of a constantly flourishing brand. Through Design Perspective, we aim to achieve an architectural revolution in the remotest part of our country.”

The event held at Hotel Sayaji of Raipur, was a massive hit amongst the people. The grandeur of the products displayed, garnered all the attention that was due by this erstwhile capital city. The visitors at the kiosk of R K Marble were jaw-locked in awe of their ingenious products.

We asked Panwar how crucial the exhibition is to what he does. To this Panwar jovially replies, “On the grounds of reality, the superior quality of our products does all the marketing and branding that we incessantly work to achieve. As a Brand Manager, I simply facilitate to make this quality, a common experience amongst our consumers. Digital marketing has helped us in more ways than can be described, here. Through digital marketing, all we need to achieve is a general and global awareness of the paramount quality wielded by our products.”

Gupta replies on how promising Raipur has been to their company, “The global platform of consumers has undergone a seismic shift. The avalanche of economic boom has created potential customers everywhere. The challenge for every existing brand is now to increase their outreach and not underestimate the location of their customer. Raipur, has grown to be a city of visionary infrastructure, with the development of the planned city of Naya Raipur, thanks to Capital Area Development Authority. This has increased our customer base and demand for our products here. This visit with Design Perspective, has ergo, been an educational experience for us.”

R K Marble, the leading marble conglomerate of our times, have known the nerve of the time and have always acted on it. With their products in place, it is to see how Raipur develops into a city of inspiring infrastructural wonders.


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