Vedanta IL&FS School – My constant perseverance made me a Line Leader, Says Nitesh


Success story from Vedanta I.L&F.S. School as shared by Nitesh

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BALCO/ KORBA: “The expressions of achievement and success just do not appear on one’s face. It is hardly felt when days change into years while one is toiling hard. It is only a matter of time when one’s ambition and passion gets on the right track.

Balco of CSR nitesh banjareTo achieve even the sky is not enough” Nitesh Banjare expresses a lot of such feelings when he shares his success story. The training in the Welding Trade which Nitesh took at the Vedanta I.L&F.S. Skills School in September 2013 has today established him as a skilled welder.

Nitesh having passed the Class 12 examination with Commerce started his livelihood as a contract labourer at Gevra Project under S.E.C.L. He started work there as a Coal Separator. His father, Netram Banjare is also a contract labourer in N.T.P.C. It is impossible to support a family of 7 people with the earnings of a single family member; hence it was Nitesh’s priority to involve himself in any such work from where he could earn constant money which would help him support his family.

In August 2013, Nitesh came to know about Vedanta I.L&F.S. Skills School through a friend. His dreams got a fillip when he came to know that the School was offering free training along with free boarding, lodging and transport. With his family’s permission he took admission in the Skill School and got enrolled for the Welding Trade.

For nearly one and a quarter month, he learnt the fine points about welding. On the completion of his training, Vedanta I.L.& F.S. School helped him get a placement in Unit 5 of Indo Autotech Limited. This Company is situated in Narsapur in the vicinity of Bengaluru and manufactures spare parts for Honda Motor Cycles.

IndiaCSR Awards Logo (2)Nitesh shares “I started work as a Welder on a monthly salary of Rs 9000. In just three or four days, the Management felt that my skill at welding was not up to the mark. They transferred me to the Robo Operating Unit and my salary was also reduced to Rs 7000. In one way this was a demotion for me but I took it as a challenge and while working in Operations, I worked hard simultaneously to improve my welding skill. Whenever I got time, I would improve my skill by learning from experienced welders.

As an operator, I used to earn a salary of Rs 10,500 After acquiring expertise in welding, I switched to welding and started to earn Rs. 12,000 per month. If you add overtime earnings to this it would reach nearly Rs. 17,000/- in some months. In the past two years I have gained so much experience that I will not have any dearth of work for the rest of my life.” Nitish also tells that he has got an opportunity to work as a Line Leader in his Company. 22 workers work under him. Now even the Managing Director of the Company knows him by name.

Looking back at the gone by years, Nitish says that he never got an opportunity to go out of Korba. With the assistance of Balco he got such a big opportunity that his life has changed ever since. Due to the convenience of video calling, the distance between Korba and Bengaluru is not felt at all. It was indeed a matter of honour and pride for me when on a recent visit to I.L.& F.S. School, the instructors introduced me to the present batch of trainees. I on my part advised the boys to learn the trade with full devotion and that a wonderful career opportunity and lot of money is waiting for them, he added.

Now, Nitesh is trying to establish himself as an entrepreneur. In the past two years Nitesh has saved lot of money with which he can finally give his long awaited dream of putting up his own poultry farm. “The poultry farming business requires an investment of Rs 5.00 lakhs. A sum of Rs 3.00 lakhs has already been invested. The balance money will also be arranged shortly. Along with my business, I also want to take my welding work further ”, says Nitesh.

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