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Unspent CSR Amount for FY 2017-18 was Rs. 33.55 Cr at MRF Limited

MUMBAI: Unspent Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) amount for the FY 2017-18 at MRF Limited was Rs. 33.55 Crore and total amount spent for the financial...

Govt may audit the CSR projects

As per a recent media report Government may monitor the CSR project being carried out by the business organization in India. "We are considering engaging...

CSR Spend in 2016-17: Hunger, poverty eradication & healthcare take back...

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) expenditure by India Inc towards eradication of hunger and poverty, and promotion of healthcare and sanitation took a back seat...

Rewards and recognition in the CSR arena: a practitioner’s perspective

Acknowledgment helps strengthen one’s self-belief and recognition is the biggest motivator to push one beyond limits. By Nirbhya Lumdey History is made, created and rewritten over...

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