Sanitation, Hope for a Better Tomorrow

By Rusen Kumar

Sanitation can play a pioneering role in ensuring the health and wellness of the economy. The Indian economy is poised to take quantum leaps of growth in various domain areas. The economy has been working on transforming the various domain areas.

The Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi in his recent speech announced that the economy can grow if we are in a position to give more and more job opportunities to the citizens of India. The increased job opportunities will help in increasing the buying capacity of the Indian citizens which in turn can bring a change in their health and wellness.

I take this opportunity to place on record my sincere appreciation for the words of the Prime Minister in which he talked about the strategy to bring the poor class people to middle-class, the lower middle class people to upper middle class and upper middle class people to higher class citizen of the society.

The Prime Minister urged the corporate investors from different parts of the world to come to India and start manufacturing in India by leveraging the large amount of human resources which are skilled and semiskilled and are aware of the latest technologies in different domain areas.

The long term vision of increasing the buying capacity of people will go a long way in improving the health and wellness of Indian citizens. The government has started working on making the macro and micro level plans for the entire country including all the states of India so as to improve the current and the future infrastructure of sanitation facilities all over India. The newly founded National Institute for Transforming India has an uphill task in understanding the existing sanitation infrastructure of the country and envisioning the future requirement of sanitation facilities to understand the gap of sanitation infrastructure and prepare a strategic roadmap to bridge the gap of sanitation infrastructure to make a healthy India in the future.

I take this opportunity to congratulate Mr Aravind Panagariya on his decision to join as the vice chairman of NITI. I applaud his decision to join as vice chairman of NITI with a mission to transform the country under the visionary leadership of the honourable Prime Minister. The citizens of India have lot of hopes from the central leadership and the bureaucrats together which has a daunting task of living up to the expectations of the Indian citizens by providing them world class infrastructure to the urban society and create the required infrastructure including water and sanitation facilities for the semi urban and rural India.

The economy has started moving in the desired direction to meet the hopes of the people in the various domain areas including health, sanitation and allied areas. I hope that that the central government, state government, bureaucrats, policy makers, academicians, researchers, corporates, professionals, civic bodies, NGOs and other organisations will join hands together with a common motive to transform the social and sanitation landscape to take India to new heights.

(Rusen Kumar is the Founder and Editor of India CSR. He can be reached at