Samvidhan LIVE: An unique awareness program on Constitution of India

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NEW DELHI: Ownership of common spaces is a crying need of the hour. Ownership cannot be given in classrooms. It has to be taken in the streets. ComMutiny–The Youth Collective’s latest public initiative, Samvidhan LIVE – The Jagrik Project, will build young people’s capacities for meeting this challenge as they refl-act (reflect+act) in the real world.

Through this public initiative, ComMutiny-The Youth Collective wants young people to experience how the rights and duties in our constitution are being lived, and report back their experiences to the rest of the world.

The Initiative

For the first time in history, youth will be invited to engage with, live the Constitution of India and experience their rights and duties in an experiential format.  Over 500 young passionate youth will work in teams of two [250 pairs] across India. Each duo will during their program journey of 5 weeks, learn and discover their fundamental rights, perform duties and truly live the Constitution framework.

Here’s how it will work – each ‘Jagrik’/team member will be paired with another Jagrik from a different background to embark on a 5 week long journey to discover their dreams, values, find out about their responsibilities and perform several duties/tasks to explore their inside-out youth leadership, complete challenges that will test them both emotionally and physically. At a regional level, the teams will be recognized for their efforts at an event. The top 5 teams from across India will receive prizes and be invited to an event in Delhi.

The Jagriks will be between 18-30 years and ably supported by mentors that include youth workers, activists, civil society representatives, policy makers, media practitioners etc.

The Jagriks will reach out to approx. 7,000 people directly through community interactions, Common Action Day events hosted across over 20 regions across India where the activity will be executed.  The survey reports compiled from across the regions will be compiled into a Constitutional Report Card to share with policy makers and media.

The Game

Using their experiential discoveries provided by a fun filled game, played over five weeks in their own area, our young Jagriks will develop a Jagrik report card (the citizens performance rating on keeping the Samvidhan alive), as well as recommendations which they will share through nationwide public events. At each of the 25 forum member locations, there will be players will participate in teams of two. There will be approx. 10-12 pairs per location i.e. over 500 Jagriks in all. Jagriks will be required to complete 6 Fundamental Rights and 6 Fundamental Duties over the 5 weeks period and aim to maximize points. The game will be played thus:

  1. Every week each playing duo rolls a Fundamental Rights Dice and a Fundamental Duties Dice. Depending on the number that appears on each they will receive the Rights task and Duties task to be completed during the week.
  2. Jagriks don’t compete with each other; rather they are encouraged to explore their full potential as Jagriks. They are encouraged to collaborate with and support each other.
  3. More than 1 pair could get assigned the same card each week. Jagriks will be encouraged to collaborate and support one another.
  4. For each Right and Duty, the playing duo will have the option of choosing between three tasks – a Gold, Silver or Bronze task, where gold tasks are worth 5 points, silver are worth 3 points and bronze are worth 1 point.
  5. Tasks will be deemed completed when Jagriks write a blog, post or article about their experience and complete the Samvidhan Survey with 50 respondents per pair per week. Eachpair will be required to present their experience with evidence of completion to their peers and mentor.
  6. New tasks are assigned at the end of the weekly Jagrik Jamghat.
  7. In week 4 of the program, teams will have a choice of picking the Gender Wild Card task instead of a rights/duty projects or can also take this task with the rights/duty projects. Gender Wild Cards execution entails a special prize given at the conclusion of the program and double the points of even the duty project.
  8. Survey findings will be compiled into a Jagrik Report Card at the end of the program.
  9. At the conclusion of the program, Jagrik experiences and findings will be shared as a short film in the form of a letter to the Hon’ble President of India. Participants will all receive certificates, and winners will receive awards. Top pairs from each region will attend the in Delhi national culmination event.

List of Forum members of ComMutiny-the Youth Collective that will execute this program are:

S No. Forum member/Organization State
1 Agrini Madhya Pradesh
2 Bharat Calling Madhya Pradesh
3 Diksha Foundation Bihar
4 Prantakatha West Bengal
5 Synergy Sansthan Madhya Pradesh
6 Yeh Ek Soch Foundation Uttar Pradesh
7 Bakul Foundation Odisha
8 Urja Ghar Gujarat
9 We are Young Foundation Assam
10 Pravah Jaipur Initiative Rajasthan
11 Inside North-East Manipur
12 Rubaroo Hyderabad
13 Blue Ribbon Movement Maharashtra
14 CAN Youth Nagaland
15 Milaan Uttar Pradesh
16 Sauhard Gujarat
17 Anhad Pravah Madhya Pradesh
18 People for Change Jharkhand
19 ALFA Educational Society Rajasthan
20 Pravah New Delhi
21 Audacious Dreams Foundation Tamil Nadu
22 YP foundation New Delhi
23 Centre for Social Equity and Inclusion Bihar
24 Manzil New Delhi
25 Vayali Kerala

ComMutiny–The Youth Collective (CYC)

ComMutiny is a collective of like-minded professionals from diverse organizations who have been passionately working with young people.   Our mission is to facilitate the powerful potential of the engagement of our youth in social change action through building understanding, acceptability and demand for a 5th Space, a journey from self to society and back. @5thspace

Events organized in Delhi

  1. Orientation Day for Jagriks : Before Nov 26, 2016

At this 1-2 days workshop Jagriks will be briefed on the following to ensure they experience an enriching 5 week journey with Samvidhan LIVE: The Jagrik Project.

  • Ground rules of the journey.
  • Understand their dreams and aspirations for self and the country and how this helps in their decision making.
  • Understand the Constitution, Preamble and the pillars of democracy.
  • Understand their Fundamental Duties and Rights.
  • Understand the game Samvidhan (Constitution of India) LIVE–purpose and objectives, rules and processes.
  1. Regional culmination event: Mid Jan
  • Jagriks that have successfully completed the 5-week journey will be felicitated with certificates.
  • Jagriks will share their experiences and select anecdotes from the 5-week journey
  • Mentors will share the process and program rigour.
  • Survey findings of Jagriks in Delhi will be shared before an audience with the Executive and Legislative branch of the Government of India in Delhi and representatives of the local political party.
  1. National Culmination Event: January 2016
  • Top pairs from each region will be felicitated at an event that has civil society representatives, media practitioners, policy makers and politicians in attendance.
  • Excerpts from the narrative reports of Jagriks, conversations in social media, quotes from anchors, verbatim responses from citizens and more, will be shared.
  • Jagriks will share their experiences and select anecdotes from the 5-week journey.
  • Constitutional Report Card basis survey of over 7,000 citizens from across India will be presented to the Hon’ble President of India as a short film.