Mumbai gets its first ever colorful slum

Chal Rang De a movement converting city slums into a beautiful landscape to add color to its lives.

MUMBAI: With the adage of changing the perception that is held against the city of Mumbai, FruitBowl Digital in collaboration with Mumbai Metro One, Snowcem Paints and Co.Lab.Oratory Asia initiated a movement called Chal Rang De, that aims to transform the slums of our cities into a colorful amalgam of local stories and talent.

By painting the walls of the slums with vibrant colors, they believe they can not only change everyone’s outlook towards the areas but also create a positive emotion among the residents.

Mumbai itself houses an estimated 6.5 million people in its slums, each of whom, FruitBowl Digital believes, deserves the joy of colors and the smiles they bring with them. This activity took place on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of December at Asalpha Village.

More than 1000 people registered for the event and about 400 people were invited to be color more than 120 walls in a short span of 3 days. People participating in the event were provided with paints and brushes to add color.

One person’s dream became a reality when people who believed in being the change came together with painting the village in hues of bright red, pink, yellows.

Determined to make a difference, Chal Rang De aims to color the city into a color factory to lead way to a brighter, happier Mumbai. 

‘Chal Rang De’ is an initiative that aims to change the face of the city and turn the urban slums into art canvas’s painted by people who share the same vision. Dedeepya Reddy, the brainchild behind this quoted, “A world without colors is a sad place to be in.

Life can be tough and challenging. But how can I ease up things with minimum resources? What is the least I can do? And I decided to color. Color the community, color the hill, color the humanity. Some would say what difference can a color make? I believe it gives them a sense of joy, an identity and hope that things are going to be okay.

Color has the power to create change. Small changes together can make a huge impact and with that notion in mind, Chal Rang De was born.”

Chal Rang De’s thought of slums being the best canvas is something that caught our eye. Snowcem Paints believes that colors bring out our rawest emotions and that’s what we saw at the event. Mumbaikars poured in from different parts of the city and helped us revamp the Asalpha Village into a masterpiece, making it the first ever slum to be painted with vibrant colors in Mumbai!” said, Amit Sahai, CEO, Snowcem Paints Pvt. Ltd.



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