Mahindra Group Invested Rs 236 Cr towards Various Social Development Programmes in FY 2015


By Rusen Kumar

MUMBAI: Mahindra and Mahindra invested Rs.236.41 crore towards corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes in 2014-15, up from the Rs.121.14 crore it spent in 2013-14, the company said in its sustainability report. 15.60 lakh trees were planted under the Mahindra Hariyali Project during the FY 2015.

Mahindra has been contributing 1% of our Profit After Tax (PAT) towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in a structured manner since 2005, long before it became a mandate. CSR fund has been spent through its not for profit organizations Mahindra Education Trust and Mahindra Foundation, Mahindra Foundation-USA, Tech Mahindra Foundation and Mahindra Educational Institutions.

“At Mahindra, organisational growth and societal development are two sides of the same coin. Hence, we approach social interventions with the same commitment, passion and professionalism as our businesses.”, it said.

“Hence we were better prepared to shift to a higher gear of 2% of three year average net profit as prescribed by the guidelines laid down in the New Companies Act 2013.”, report said.

Report is prepared according to the GRI G3.1 Guidelines. GRI Guidelines are used to help communicate sustainability performance and encourage transparency & accountability. This year too, the Report is aligned with the nine principles of Ministry of Corporate Affairs’ National Voluntary Guidelines (NVG) on social, environmental and economic responsibilities of business.

“Sustainability at Mahindra is governed by a top-down approach enabling strategic vision and action plan to not just steer grassroots interventions, but also monitor its effectiveness and disclose it transparently.”, report said.

Mahindra’s sustainability structure includes Board Committee for CSR, CSR Council, Sustainability Council and Group Sustainability Cell.


“At the Group level, we will continue to drive positive change for all our stakeholders through our recently introduced framework – Rise for Good, which binds together our corporate social responsibility, sustainability and corporate governance initiatives.”, Anand Mahindra, Chairman, Mahindra Group said in the report.

Adopting the theme, ‘Rise for Good’, the 187 pages report outlines the company’s focus of taking action in the social, environment and economic spheres of its group companies.

Mahindra’s CSR activities are primarily in the areas of Women Empowerment, Education, Livelihoods, Skill Enhancement and Vocational Training, Empowering Differently abled Individuals, Relief and Rehabilitation village development, skill development and Technology Incubation, Protection of Natural Heritage, Art and Culture Aid for Armed Force Personnel’s Families, Environment.

CSR Spending

Area of Works Spent Amount (Cr)
Education 113.704
Health 36.222
Social 16.140
Environment 12.583
Others 3.002
Culture 7.266
Sports 47.492

“Sustainability at Mahindra is promulgated at the top and permeates throughout the organisation and beyond. Our CSR Council helms the Mahindra Group’s social responsibility vision with diligence, transparency and ownership.”, Mahindra said in report.

(Rusen Kumar is the editor at India CSR. He can be reached at

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