Keynote address by Ashok Sawhney at India CSR Leadership Summit 2018, New Delhi

A man who speaks 7 Languages with ease, has held all his family, his workers, his colleagues, his friends, all endeared and mesmerized by his jokes, songs (a brilliant singer), sayings, teaching and what not. A man who has also won many awards. A billion dollar man indeed. He authored 5 books.

India CSR, world’s popular CSR Network, has honoured Ashok Sawhney with Lifetime Achievement Award for for his excellent service to the society and people of India CSR Leadership Summit & Award held on April 27, 2018 at New Delhi.

Ashok Sawhney is a visionary, eminent author, poet and entrepreneur. He is the Chairman of Swiss Military Lifestyle Products Private Limited. He is a leader by example as he instrumentally leads from the front, inspiring and nurturing his team to innovate. Probably that’s the reason why Swiss Military today stands at the epitome of success globally.

Ashok Sawhney delivered keynote address on various social issues being faced by India and role of the society.

This annual CSR forum provides a unique opportunity to the leaders and organizations with their operations in India, to talk and showcase the work being carried out in CSR domain and how it forms an integral part of the company’s contribution to society.

The Summit​ is designed to celebrate five years of CSR Law of India and with the​ deep belief that business responsibility has immense potential to transform the society. Visit for more detail:

His vast knowledge of Urdu Poetry, Hindi methodology, Indian Philosophy all passed on now through his brilliant authored books for posterity.