Integrated Reporting: Going Past The Numbers

Treeni Sustainability presents its second edition of Sustainability For Breakfast discussing Integrated Reporting with industry leaders

India CSR News Network

PUNE: Sustainability Leaders came together, as Pune-headquartered Treeni Sustainability Solutions presented its second edition of Sustainability for Breakfast focusing on Integrated Reporting. Sustainability for Breakfast, powered by Treeni, is an initiative to get experts and decision makers in the domain of sustainability together to drive change and build a community of change-makers.

The initiative is centred on discussing the emerging trends in Sustainability for reimagining the way businesses are run today. The event was an opportunity to connect, converse & conceptualize new ideas that will help sustainability leaders to further their agendas in their respective organizations. The second edition of the platform took place at The Orchid Hotel, Pune, with a focus on Integrated Reporting along with industry professionals and with an intent to provide methodologies and tools to drive the integrated reporting concepts within the respective organizations.

Speaking on the event, Dr. Sunita Purushottam, Head of Consulting at Treeni Sustainability Solutions, said, “India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, with Indian companies making significant impact globally today, it has become imperative for top Indian companies to adopt integrated reporting frameworks in their system. Integrated reporting not only helps in overcoming the concerns over corporate governance, but also demonstrates responsible leadership showcasing the way an organization is creating value for internal and external stakeholders, society and environment.”

Anant Nadkarni, Advisor, Value creation, who actively participated in the meeting and conducted the activity sessions said, “Sustainability is not always about financial numbers but about value creation. Businesses over the time have realized that the conventional reporting is too complex, lacks relevance and wasn’t enabling the sufficient communication between businesses, stakeholders and investors. Traditional reporting has evolved to be more for regulators than for business itself. Integrated reporting has changed the picture of reporting on a bigger scale.  Looking at the response to this initiative, we can move this initiative ahead to make it something practical that can be seen and reflected in a company.

Concepts like circular economy, integrated reporting and e-sustainability should be looked into from a value creation perspective. We should create examples that inspire people not only in their professional lives but also in their personal lives.”

The meeting was attended by corporate leaders from the sustainability domain from various companies including Whirlpool, Tata Motors, Essar, VKe; Environmental, Praj Industries, Kirloskar and Tata Tech to name a few. During the conference, the discussion revolved around considering the diverse offering of environmental topics with defined objectives and outcomes. Key areas where companies can initiate steps for integrated reporting, the changing scenario of reporting in industries and understanding the need for integrated reporting along their value chain were discussed, as well as how these aspects contribute to job creation and add societal value. Treeni looks to continue its flagship series Sustainability for Breakfast on a regular basis to discuss leadership commitment, strategic thinking and reassessment of business models related to sustainability.