India plans Rs 80,000 cr roadmap to cut urban carbon footprint


There are currently about 7.1 billion people on Earth, and demographers estimate that this number could rise to about 9 billion by 2050 – and as many as 25 billion by 2100.

NEW DELHI: It has reported that Government of India has started preparing a roadmap for building 8,000 km of pavements and laying more cycle tracks in 106 cities in the next five years to promote walking and cycling and to reduce carbon footprint in urban areas.

The urban development ministry targets building these infrastructures, lay 1,300 km bus rapid transit (BRT) corridors with dedicated fast lanes for buses, set up 500 new bus depots and promote use of electric and hybrid vehicles under Green Transport Scheme.

As per Times of India report, scheme will involve investment worth nearly Rs 80,000 crore and will benefit about 22 crore urban population.

The urban development ministry has floated a detailed proposal for discussion and for carrying out the preparatory work. In the first phase, cities with population over 5 lakh will be covered.

Considering that the scheme won’t be successful unless cities have necessary rules and regulations in place, so to enable cities to get financial incentive from Centre, the states are required to have and implement a parking policy, adopt street vendor regulation norms, have a policy to prevent encroachments and also have an urban transport fund.

The Centre will set up National Green Urban Mobility Fund (NGUMF), which will channelise 60% funds from central government and other agencies to cities covered under this scheme.

This entity will contribute to 60% of the entire investment required for the mission, which is around 48,000 crore and the rest 32,000 crore will come from states. (Times of India, 22 Feb 2017)

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