“Dialogues ‘CINQUE’ is lane for novel designs”, says Vimal Singh Panwar of R K Marble


JAIPUR: The annual architectural display of newest designs and proud products in the form of exhibitions conducted by Dialogues is scheduled to start from March 15, 2018 at Taj Falaknuma Palace in the city of pearls, Hyderabad.

This three day fest titled ‘Dialogues CINQUE’ is a platform for architectural stalwarts to come together and gain from mutual experiences, while at the same time exhibit and evaluate their own yearly progress. Dialogues, aims to open channels of communications within the industry and serves to gather competitors of the industry on a levelled dais together.

R K Marble, sponsors and participants of this distinguished exhibition, expects to detect ground-breaking ideas and innovations in designs at this conventions. With high hopes and suitable preparations in place R K Marble has brain-stormed the designs that they are going to display and are predisposed for this convention.

“The intricate concept behind sponsoring and attending any exhibition is to make R K Marble, a more familiar brand with an outreach amongst people from all sections of the society. The customer base that we have, constantly needs a show of respect and trust and this is executed by personal interactions. Exhibitions held at different cities provide us with a marvellous way to reach out to our customers across the nation, get their reviews and understand their requirements in a more hands-on manner. Dialogue ‘Cinque’ is an exquisite extension of all these beliefs.” says Vimal Singh Panwar, Brand Manager for R K Marble, when asked why exhibitions are important for their company.

Vimal Singh Panwar, Brand Manager for R K Marble

We asked what can be expected of R K Marble and how well the preparations are for the event, Panwar answered, “Every exhibition is not just a new chapter, it’s a whole new book for us. The preparations that we organise before participating in any exhibition are definitely in accordance with this thought process. You can undoubtedly expect better quality products fashioned with ingenious designs and accomplished with the best of the technology there is in the marble industry.”

R K Marble has always delivered what they promise and so, it is safe to say Hyderabad is about to witness the most glorious products and designs at the exhibition- Dialogues ‘Cinque’. Visit them at their kiosk for a luxury-led life.

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