CSR Report & Case Study Are Invited for ‘Compendium on CSR in Chhattisgarh & Odisha’


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INDIACSR to Publish ‘Compendium on CSR in Chhattisgarh’

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BHUBANESWAR (Odisha): INDIACSR, a Well-known and India’s Largest CSR News Network, will publish ‘Compendium on CSR  in Odisha’ under its new initiatives. It would be its own kind of publication having an overview on Corporate Social Responsibility in Odisha. CSR reports and case studies are invited for compendium.  Last date of accepting CSR Report for compendium is June 10, 2013, Monday.

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csr in odishaIt is to be noted that INDIACSR is the largest and fastest growing CSR Communication network in the Asia Pacific region. As an organization, INDIACSR is committed to the principles of unrestricted flow of information.

“The aim of the ‘Compendium on CSR in Odisha’ is to inspire, encourage, and facilitate corporate social responsibility awareness and practices and knowledge dissemination among corporates in Odisha. This Compendium is a compilation of corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities implemented by the business community and business organizations in Odisha.”, Rusen Kumar, Director, INDIACSR said today.

“Does your organization, whether large or small, engage in innovative, multi-stakeholder CSR partnerships and thereby make a positive impact in society? If so, the first-ever INDIACSR’s ‘Compendium on CSR in Odisha’  is exactly the right opportunity for your organization to highlight CSR projects.”, he added.

“CSR & Competitiveness” Special Edition (An Overview on CSR in Odisha) is intended to provide update information on Corporate Social Responsibility in the state of Odisha by taking account of recent government initiated public policies on CSR in India.

Compendium provides a contemporary snapshot of the wealth of CSR activity in the state, and acts as a reminder that there is more to be achieved and built up.This Special Edition (An Overview on CSR in Odisha) has two basic purposes.  First, it should serve as a reference book for all those who are engaged in CSR in Odisha. Public administrators, politicians, CSR professionals, stakeholder activists and academics will all find useful information on a wide variety of corporate social responsibility initiated by corporate within and across the Odisha.

Second, the various topics to be covered in the Compendium will give an impression of what could be considered as an Indian approach to CSR.

By virtue of its organization by topic, the Edition/Book enables all readers to gain a more holistic picture of current CSR practices in the state. Combined with highlighted examples, this Edition/Book is tantamount to a state of the art of CSR in Odisha.

The Compendium incorporates all those corporate agencies, corporate funded foundations, within Odisha. If you have made incredible tramps and has actualized CSR in true sense then the Compendium is made just for you. The bell is ringing at your door, to join the Compendium and get yourself recognized at the apex through the India’s largest CSR network and to shine a limelight on the people driving your CSR & business success.

The Compendium should be of interest to those PSUs and private companies, having business presence and operation within the state.

Interested organization can send their express of interest for detail information.

For any kind of clarification, please contact:

Head ‘Compendium on CSR’
Mobile No: 99810 99555
Email: rusenkumar@gmail.com / rusenk@indiacsr.in/ info@indiascr.in


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