CSR of Hindustan Zinc: Sayar Kunwar gest flour-mill for sustainable livelihood

UDAIPUR: Sayar’s flour-mill plays an important role in the big events that happen in her village, may it be marriages or any kind of celebrations.

Looking back at the earlier days, 45 years old Sayar’s husband worked as a labourer. Sayar has been a part of the Shanti Samooh (SHG) under Hindustan Zinc’s Sakhi Project since one year. She made meals for the Anganwadi (AWC) children & pregnant women and with that she earned around Rs. 8000 every month. With the help of the money saved, Sayar also got her daughter married. Sayar always wanted to explore further opportunities and utilize it in helping her family and her village.

Since there was not a single flour mill in Jaisinghpura, all the ladies had to go to the outskirts of the village to grind their cereals. This struck Sayar with an opportunity and along with her husband, Sayar planned to invest in a flour mill. To set up the mill, Sayar took a loan of Rs. 10,000 from the village organization, Ujala Gram Sanghathan, under Sakhi, in the month of May.

The flour-mill had not only helped her economically but also created convenience for the villagers. Now the entire village comes to Sayar to grind their cereals and with this she earns around Rs. 7,800 every month.

Sayar has always been very hardworking and ambitious, along with managing the flour mill, she continues to cook for AWC.

Gratified, her daughter said, “Watching my mother do so much has brought immense happiness to me. I was always worried about what would happen after I get married, but now I am not. Because of her leadership skills, she is also elected as one of the representatives of her samooh, and is a cashier in the Village Organization.”

“I am simply grateful to Hindustan Zinc for giving me my happiness and self-worth…”, emotionally smiled Sayar.

The feeling of confidence clearly showcased on Sayar’s face as she spoke. She had not only been a role model for her Rajput community but every single woman in Jaisinghpura in Jaipur District of Rajasthan.