CSR : EMURGO Academy to train developers and create blockchain experts

Blockchain is gradually becoming a vital social infrastructure, similar to the Internet, and enables a more connected and equitable world

Left to Right - Manmeet Singh, Chief Investment Officer, EMURGO, Dr. K R Venugopal, Vice Chancellor, Bangalore University, Ken Kodama, Global Chief Executive Officer, EMURGO, E Venkatesan, Chief Executive Officer, EMURGO Academy & Sarang Bhoyar, Blockchain Leader, Infosys.

BANGALORE: EMURGO, a third generation blockchain, has established EMURGO Academy in Bangalore to train developers and create blockchain experts to expand the usage of blockchain technology. The training will commence from April onwards.

“At least 2,500 graduates of Academy will go on to be hired in the first year by some of the country’s largest and most innovative organizations, thus serving to meet the gap in demand for quality blockchain developers.” says E Venkatesan, CEO, EMURGO Academy.

Out of the 4 million IT workforce of India, approximately 1.5 million of them are based in Bangalore.


The programs is designed to target the need to upskill or reskill working professionals, under graduates and freshers looking for jobs using blockchain technology.

The curriculum is based on a hybrid model with a mix of online and offline training strategy with SMEs as part of the trainer pool along with external consultants with industry exposure.

The students will be evaluated by CXOs to help them understand better the kind of tools that should be used in a particular architecture.

Significance of Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology along with Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) are expected to play central roles in the upcoming years across vast industries. The India Govt. has spotlighted the potential applicability of blockchain technology to several use cases such as land registry, education and health records, and supply chain management.

(Edited by editorial of India CSR Network)