A Firefox Bike’s CSR initiative on Persons with Disabilities

This exciting match witnessed an extra-ordinary game by Wheelchair-bound Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in mixed teams with able-bodied Firefox riders and volunteers.

Invite : Giving Back India CSR Leadership Summit on April 1, 2019

BENGALURU: As a part of its Every day Ability CSR initiative, Firefox Bikes hosted an inclusive wheelchair-cricket match event in RKR Sports Ground, Huskur, Gulimangala, Bengaluru that demonstrated the capability of wheelchair bound Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) to perform physical tasks in competitive settings.

The matches were played in mixed teams where wheelchair bound persons played with abled bodied persons including Firefox bikers and volunteers from Colleges and Corporate Houses.

Before this, Every day Ability had hosted a game of blind football in Kolkata that saw the participation of visually impaired and sighted players under the overarching theme of inclusivity for People with Disabilities. In its second edition this financial year, Bengaluru event is the final Every day Ability event from Firefox Bikes after Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chennai and Kolkata.

Conceptualized by Volunteer4India in collaboration with Adventures Beyond Barriers Foundation, Every day Ability initiative fosters the prime motive of breaking the stereotypes in the work culture and demonstrates inclusivity and equal opportunities. Volunteer4India is a Social Enterprise. It builds outreach, affinity and advocacy for Brands around Social Good using an ecosystem of volunteers, social organizations and communication partners.