Ujjivan Small Finance Bank launches ‘Paison Ki ABCD’, a film on financial literacy

Paison Ki ABCD is directed by renowned Filmmaker Pradeep Sarkar

India CSR News Network

MUMBAI: Ujjivan Small Financial Bank Ltd. (Ujjivan SFB) has launched a powerful, educational film on Financial Literacy titled ‘Paison Ki ABCD’. The film was conceptualized and executed in partnership with Parinaam Foundation, a non-profit organization aimed at economic empowerment of the underprivileged.

Ujjivan Small Finance Bank and Parinaam Foundation believe that Financial Literacy of the economically deprived is the first step towards ensuring financial inclusion within India. With this aim, the film was curated under the direction of renowned Filmmaker, Pradeep Sarkar who has beautifully brought the vision and aspiration of Ujjivan SFB alive on celluloid. Sarkar has also created a 3 minute catchy song on Paison Ki ABCD which has been integrated in the film.

Through this film, Ujjivan SFB and Parinaam Foundation intend to influence the mindset of consumers, eliminate the misconceptions about banking and educate them about the importance and benefits of a bank account. The film highlights how Ujjivan SFB will make the banking process simple and accessible; strengthen their finances and set their future on a path of financial freedom.

The narrative of the 20-minute film effectively portrays the agony and pain of a sweet shop vendor, Murali and his family who loses all their savings in a burglary at home. Agonised and distressed, Murali asks his wife, Sudha to seek financial help from her elder sister, Shruti Didi. To utter disbelief of Murali, Shruti Didi not only fulfills their immediate cash requirement by accessing her savings account in Ujjivan SFB but also gets Sudha and Murali, introduced to her own bank, Ujjivan Small Finance Bank.

All his life Murali had detested availing banking services, due to his apprehension that people like him are not welcomed in a bank. However, when Shruti Didi influences Murali to pay a visit to Ujjivan SFB, he is pleasantly surprised at the warm hospitality of the staff and the seamless banking processes. Murali is stunned to see that customers are being assisted and educated to avail all the banking facilities at Ujjivan SFB.

Murali realizes that his hard earned money deposited in a savings or deposits account at Ujjivan SFB is more beneficial and secure in comparison to a chit fund or keeping hard cash at home.

Vijay Balakrishnan, Chief Marketing Officer, Ujjivan SFB said, “When we built the brand identity of Ujjivan SFB, we made sure that we carried forward the ethos, philosophy and spectacular connect that Ujjivan had with the communities. The people and customers of Ujjivan had to be celebrated and this film beautifully does that. This film is also our attempt to highlight the fact that easily understood stimulus and banking behaviors positively impacts our customer segments and makes them realize the risks of not saving in a bank. .With this film we hope that ‘Paison ki ABCD’ becomes the lexicon of what Ujjivan Small Finance Bank can do for financial literacy not only for our customers but for the larger good of customers belonging to these segments of our society.. In the next few months, as we keep rolling out our branches, this film and song is bound to tug the heart and soul of our customers. The film will be translated in 9 regional languages and the Song will be leveraged as a caller tune. We are working very closely with Parinaam Foundation to put together a solid awareness and activation programme pan India.”

Mallika Ghosh, Executive Director, Parinaam Foundation said, “Our learning is that even though the unbanked are in desperate need to have a safe place to save their money, they feel intimidated and disrespected while encountering the present banking system. Ujjivan Small Finance Bank is still very much connected to their original mission, to be a bank for the unbanked. Parinaam Foundation will continue to play a vital role in making sure Ujjivan’s staff and customers understand what that vision is. Our first step is to help them through the Paison Ki ABCD Film and Song.”