R K Marble wins GRAND STAND at ET-ACETECH held in Hyderabad

NEW DELHI: Marble company R K Marble, after having won the special jury award at India’s largest architectural exhibition organised by the Economic Times, called the ACETECH-2017 hosted at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi from December 14 -17, 2017, was the prime centre of attraction and primary competitor of every marble exhibitor at the next ACETECH event organised at Hyderabad.

Knowing R K Marble would garner such an attention as the defending champions, the team
quadrupled their efforts for ACETECH, Hyderabad. The most supreme of their designs were selected, presentations were practiced, and their wide range of naturally beautiful marbles mined in and out of India and processed using the best of technology, did the rest.

The marble giant that it is, R K Marble displayed their vast range of magnificent, elegance-inspiring, luxury-leading products. The awe-inducing diversity of their products in the form of premium Indian and Italian marble and the crowning prince of them all, the Flawless White, has always been a tough match for their competitors across the globe.

“We deem exhibitions like these as an opportunity to learn and grow. Success is always a moving target. We understand that achievements and accolades not just cheer the efforts you’ve made in the past, they more importantly promote the much-needed vigour for achievements of the future. This award and the one we won before this, are testaments to the hard work each member of our team puts in, living testaments to our commitment towards our customers and towards ourselves.”, says R.K. Gupta, Executive President, Marketing, R K Marble.

The ace conglomerate was awarded with the special jury award- the GRAND STAND at the
concluding ceremony of leading Asian trade fair for architecture, building materials and innovation and design- ACETECH hosted by The Economic Times at Hyderabad from January, the 19-21 to January, 2018.

Enthused and exhilarated by the win Gupta talks about products, “We treat our products as the sagas of the nature. Each slab of marble that you see after the final cycle of polishing has its own journey from being formed to being mined and then processed. It is essential that you let your products speak for themselves. This has been the one thing we do not compromise on because, to be honest, marbles are artwork of nature and no one can beat that kind of expertise.”

He further progresses to talk about the hurdles in their path to this award.

“It is always a difficult task to come up with innovative ways of displaying our products at exhibitions like ACETECH, where you meet possible customers and definite competitors. It’s one thing to think of a design on paper or in your mind but when you check the compatibility of the design with something as heavy as marble, the variables increase. Transportation and logistics sometimes end up dashing your hopes for the design you truly envisaged, but then what’s winning worth without a challenge!”. he adds jovially.

When asked about how he feels about the consecutive GRAND STANDs, he says, “I have always maintained that winning is never without the strings of responsibilities. Winning is the point where you start another journey, one with progressive difficulties. We have to ensure that the trust our customers put in our company not just sustains but increases exponentially. We want our products to be more suitable with everyone’s pocket. Marble is a luxury every dream home deserves and we aim to deliver that.”

When asked about the future prospects and plans about upcoming exhibitions, Gupta promises, “In our future exhibitions you’ll see more of the same. More quality and more innovative designs at display. We like where we are as of now, but at the same time, want to organically evolve and keep moving forward.”