Mandatory CSR in India Means Business as Usual for Novo Nordisk


For two decades, Novo Nordisk has been working to support the Indian healthcare infrastructure to cope with the millions of people living with diabetes. Going beyond philanthropy, the company has taken a holistic approach to diabetes care, raising awareness of diabetes, building healthcare professionals’ capabilities and educating patients.

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NEW DELHI: Novo Nordisk published the latest issue of its quarterly sustainability magazine, the TBL Quarterly, to tell the story of the company’s approach to diabetes care in India. Through articles, personal stories and interviews, the TBL Quarterly documents how partnerships and community empowerment are building capacity in the public healthcare system to meet the needs of the rising number of people living with diabetes.

Download the issue ‘Connecting the dots – painting a new picture of health in India’ here.

During the past decade, India has experienced a rise in income levels and a decrease in communicable diseases like tuberculosis, polio and malaria but income inequality and non-communicable disease like diabetes are on the rise[1]. The situation presents a sustainability challenge to the health of India and a burden on the healthcare system which traditionally has been focusing on treating communicable diseases and is challenged in caring for the 65 million people living with diabetes in India.

One solution to meet the healthcare challenge has been India’s new CSR legislation mandating that companies give 2% of their net profits to CSR activities as part of the New Companies Act. Novo Nordisk India welcomes the new legislation which supports the way the company has run its business for many years.

“Novo Nordisk India already complies with the new legislation by funding the activities of the Novo Nordisk Education Foundation which was established back in 1998,” says Melvin Oscar D’souza, general manager, Novo Nordisk India. “And we take a strategic approach to our CSR activities that are linked to our business operations.”

In the new issue of the TBL Quarterly, Novo Nordisk presents an inside view of the programmes and initiatives that are paving the way for sustainable healthcare delivery.


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