Major Steel Plants Spent 7989 Crore on Various Pollution Control Schemes

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NEW DELHI: Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), Govt of India inspects industries including steel plants under Environment Surveillance Squad (ESS) on regular basis. Based on observations in inspection reports suitable actions are taken.

Directions under Section 18 (1) (b) of Air Act, 1981 and Water Act, 1974 are issued to concerned State Pollution Control Board for Jindal Steel & Power Ltd., Raigarh, Chattissgarh and Indian Iron & Steel Co. Ltd., Burnpur, West Bengal and Directions under Section 5 of E (P) Act, 1986 was issued to Bokaro Steel Plant, Bokaro Steel City, Jharkhand and Rourkela Steel Plant, Orissa.

Almost all major and integrated steel plants have installed various pollution control mechanism in their respective plants.

Hindustan Zinc EnvironmentAlmost all major and integrated steel plants have installed various pollution control mechanism in their respective plants. The details of the steel plants where pollution control mechanisms have been installed during the last three years are given below.

Investment on Various Pollution Control Schemes by Major Steel Plants:

1. Steel Authority India Ltd: Rs 5000 Crore
2. Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited: Rs 182 Crore
3. Tata Steel Limited : Rs 689 Crore
4. JSW Steel: Rs 2000 Crore
5. Jindal Steel & Power Ltd Raigarh: Rs 118 Crore

Steel Authority India Ltd. (SAIL)

Pollution control devices/mechanisms have been installed and are operating effectively in all the steel plants of SAIL. Regular monitoring of environmental parameters as per the statutory requirements is being done at these plants.

SAIL is spending about Rs. 5000 Crores on various pollution control schemes under the ongoing expansion cum modernization of plants. Some of the major initiatives taken in this regard are as under:

Installation of 7 mtr tall Coke Oven Battery with coke dry quenching system and land based pushing emission control system.

De-sulphurisation plant for treatment of Sulphur in Coke Oven Gas.

New sinter plant with ESPs for process exhaust and system for space dust extraction along with waste heat recovery from Sinter Coolers.

Installation of High capacity (4060 m3) state of the art blast furnaces.

Installation of top pressure recovery turbines at the blast furnaces.

Installation of gas based power plant.

Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.

RINL has taken the following measures with respect to environment control:

High temperature membrane bag filters in CRMP 1, 2, 3, 4 (Kilns 1, 2 & 3 are complete).

Electronic controllers in ESPs of TPP boilers no.1, 2&5.

Nitrification – de-nitrification of MBC effluents for control of ammonical nitrogen.

Replacement of compressors working on ODS with non-ODS/CWP – Chillers.

Replacement of ODS with non-ODS refrigeration units of ASP.

Coke dry quenching for CDCP – 4 using the waste heat to generate 14 MW power.

Appikonda waste water treatment water plant under zero water discharge scheme.  An amount of Rs.182 Crores was spent on installing the above facilities.

Tata Steel Limited, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand

Pollution control projects implemented at  Jamshedpur Steel Works under 2.9 MTPA expansion project (e.g. Raw material, handling, Pellet Plant, Coke Oven Battery- No. 10 & 11, Blast Furnace, Lime Kilns No. 8 & 9, LD3, Ladle Furnaces, Thin Slab Caster & Rolling since November 2011.

A central waste water treatment plant with Reverse Osmosis is being commissioned to treat and reuse the recovered treated effluent from works drain. Once commissioned, the water intake and effluent discharge would further improve.

On line blast furnace slag granulation was commissioned at he cast house of new 1 blast furnace in 2012. Mill scale de-oiling facility was commissioned recently to ensure maximum utilization at Sinter plants.

Over Rs. 689 Crores were the expenditure on Environmental projects during last three years (2010-11 to 2012-13).

JSW Steel Vijayanagar Works, Torangallu, Bellary, Karnataka

Total investment of over Rs. 2000.00 crores has been incurred for installation of pollution control mechanisms. Company has planted over 1.5 Million trees covering an area of 1300 acres.

JSW Steel Vijayanagar Works has taken the following measures with respect to environment control:

Installed 181 bag filters, 18 electro-static precipitators, 24 scrubbers and 518 sprinklers and dust suppression system at 160 junction houses for air pollution control.

Installed 18 effluent plants and 5 sewage treatment plants to minimize water demand and reduce pollution.

Extensive water recirculation systems have been provided to recycle 98% of water.

JSW has commissioned 12 recycling schemes through cascading and treatment techniques to recover nearly 50000 m3/ day of wastewater.

Gainful utilization of 83% of the solid waste generated.

100% use of dust and sludge from air pollution and water pollution control systems through micro pellet and mill scale briquette plants.

 Jindal Steel and Power Limited, Raigarh, Chhattisgarh

List of Air Pollution Control Devices installed in last three years at JSPL, Raigarh. Total investment of over Rs. 118 crores has been incurred for installation of pollution control mechanisms.

Unit Location Pollution control system Gas volume Outlet dust load Approximate Capital Cost (Rs)Incurred
SMS-II Electric Arc Furnace-I Bag filter 1440000 m3/hr < 50 mg/Nm3 10600 lacs
PP – I Power Plant-I (WHRB-3) Electrostatic precipitator 180000 m3/hr < 50 mg/Nm3 185 lacs
Blast Furnace-I Ground Hopper Bag filter 25000 m3/hr < 50 mg/Nm3 24 lacs
DRI – I Product hopper at G13 – G 14 Bag filter 30000 m3/hr < 50 mg/Nm3 06 lacs
Sinter Plant Raw material Handling Bag filter 160000 m3/hr < 50 mg/Nm3 185 lacs
SMS – II Electric Arc Furnace-1 & 2 Secondary Bag filter 500000 m3/hr < 50 mg/Nm3 500 lacs
Ground Hopper Bag filter 335000 m3/hr < 50 mg/Nm3 200 lacs
SMS-III FAFA Bag filter 30000 m3/hr < 50 mg/Nm3 12 lacs
PP – I Power Plant – I (WHRB 4) Electrostatic precipitator Flow – 369000 m3/hr < 50 mg/Nm3 185 lacs






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