KIDZ aura playschools will be largest start up in early childhood education sector: Ajit Kumar Singh


By Rusen Kumar

BALLIA (Uttar Pradesh): Ajit Kumar Singh is the Founder Director of KIDZ aura playschool, a start up with massive expansion plan in early childhood education sector. His major focus is to develop growing children at par with global standard with strong social and family values. In an interview with Rusen Kumar, Editor, India CSR, he said, “We are aiming at opening 5500+ KIDZ Aura Playschools across India in order to contribute to make India a global leader.” Edited excerpts:

KIDZ aura is a start up so tell us about your organization.

Ajit Kumar SinghKIDZ aura is an innovation in field of early childhood education with major thrust on nurturing values of growing children. KIDZ aura is promoted and managed by V-ad Learning Services which is a trusted name in learning and development sector across wide domain and poised to add value to its entire training program and bring desired output to target audience. It is made by academician for academics. We have exploited our expertise of over 15 years of L&D in nurturing deep rooted social and family values among growing children so as to make strong foundation for their later life. Our major focus is to develop growing children at par with global standard with strong social and family values. For this we are aiming at opening 5500+ KIDZ aura playschools across India in order to contribute to make India a global leader.

Being at such an early stage of your business how have you associated yKIDZ Aura Playschoolourself with CSR?

We are of the opinion that the values which we are talking about to inculcate among children, must be depicted from our action and behavior as well. While working with toddlers, we found that expecting mothers and young mothers are unaware of basics of newborn care practices and mother child health. We decided to conduct comprehensive social research on this aspect in urban and rural area of Ballia district of UP. Based on the research our training team will design training and workshops for expecting mothers and young mothers in order to make healthy mother and healthy child which is ultimately going to build a healthy and strong India. We have targeted to train 1000 mothers in FY 2016-17. We are fortunate that in this noble mission we are getting undaunted support of Dr Community and other social groups.

What CSR policy do you follow?

Our main focus is on inducing target group to participate in discussion and sharing their experience associated with motherhood stage of their life so that we could come out with easy to implement solution which is not only useful and effective for social group but society as a whole. We are working on capacity building of urban and rural mothers towards creating a sound child mother health.

Who are the members of your CSR implementation team? How does it work?

For CSR project our core team member contributes in developing and delivering the training program whereas social awareness and mobilization is done by volunteers. Our core team has rich experience of over 15 years in training design, development and delivery whereas field volunteers has strong social network. So it becomes easier for us to mobilize mothers at common place and educate them.

What is your opinion about current CSR practices in India?

It is already over two years, CSR practices incorporated in India. Within this short span of time companies have done a lot. Companies are spending as per provisions of Company Act or even more but there are many organizations which are contributing to the society irrespective of the legal responsibilities. This is a chain reaction which catalyses others to take action for CSR. Big companies have sound CSR budget and hence they explore their CSR activities across wide spectrum. Synchronization of all such effort will bring synergistic effect.

What is your advice to the companies active in CSR?

They are already doing excellent job. Some more thrust is required for capacity building and sustainability in contrast of available resources and limitations. Policy should be framed in such a way that most unprivileged strata of our society get benefited.

Few words about India CSR?

India CSR has created its niche in congregating CSR people around the globe. Moreover it is bringing forth the unknown face of society and business community after CSR action. All the very best to team India CSR.

Ajit Kumar can be reached at 9450775217

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