IndiaCSR Awards and Compendium on Innovative Low-cost Eco-friendly Smokeless Chulha (Stoves)

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NEW DELHI: To promote innovations and recognize, IndiaCSR is going to organize India’s first award function and also publish compendium on innovative low-cost eco-friendly Smokeless Chulha (Stoves) available in Indian Market.

Award function will be organized in Pune.

Interested manufactures who want to promote their products and wish to have their product profile in the compendium, may contact for the detail to

Award nominations can also be sent.

We also welcome advertisement on the low-cost eco-friendly Smokeless Chulha.

The Compendium will cover articles, case studies product detail and manufactures profile under following topics and categories:

1. Indian cooking methods
2. Need of low cost smokeless Chulha
3. Economics of eco-friendly smokeless Chulha
4. Promotion of smokeless Chulha in rural area under Corporate Social Responsibility
5. Impact of indoor air pollution in women health
6. Eco-friendly smokeless Chulha for Clean and healthy home
7. Entrepreneurship development through promotion of smokeless Chulha
8. Affordability of Smokeless Chulha
9. Interviews of Entrepreneurs
10. Product profile
11. Manufacturer profile

The theme

Kitchen is an integral part of an Indian household. Indian kitchens are highly energy inefficient and unhealthy, primarily because of the traditional mud stoves (chulhas). This is true for most of the Indian rural households that depend on firewood or local biomass as the source of fuel.

Traditional firewood stoves are uneconomical and harmful in many ways. They use firewood that is non-renewable and is a major cause for deforestation. Rural women have to travel long distances to fetch firewood and finally, they spew noxious smoke, which is extremely harmful. These stoves use the natural draft of air to feed oxygen, which causes inefficient burning and thick smoke. It was observed that just a day’s exposure to smoke from traditional stoves can lead to accumulation of a carcinogenic compound Benzopyrene, which is equivalent to 14 days of cigarette smoking. Thus, rural women have to bravely face fire hazard, along with the risk of cancer and other lung-related diseases.

In such a bleak scenario, there is an urgent need to switch to better low cost stoves that are smokeless, efficient, affordable, and that are not detrimental to the environment. We have to ensure that such characteristics are present in modern stoves that are easily available to rural dwellers. Fortunately, many companies have innovated energy efficient, low smoke eco-friendly stoves in India.


Advertisement Full page (A4) Colour:  15,000/-

Featuring company and product profile: 20,000/- (5 pages)

Award on best successful CSR project on low cost Chulha-Nomination fee- Rs.20,000/- (Corporate)

Award on best successful NGO project on low cost Chulha-Nomination fee- Rs.15,000/- (NGO)

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